Is there a secret ingredient in mince patties?

irish15, Dec 6, 7:19pm
I have taken out some nice mince for tea tonight and thought about making some nice meat patties for a change but then I remembered last time I did that and they were quite tasteless. Has anyone got a nice receipie they could share for some nice tasty patties please.
Hubby would be so greatful hahaha

noonesgirl, Dec 6, 7:27pm
In mine I put beaten egg, beef & chicken powdered stock, seasoning, onion, dry mustard (this stop them repeating) flour to bind. Roll in coating.
There will be recipies in l/h message board - key in rissoles or meat patties, then in date posted, key anytime.
Enjoy your tea.

twindizzy, Dec 6, 7:31pm
Onion, egg, worchester, cumin, sweet thai chili, tom sauce, herbs, sprinkle of sugar.

lookin4adeal, Dec 6, 8:23pm
Our new favourite is salsa and crushed crackers (ritz or cheddar shapes)Amounts depend on amount of mince but we love them and they stick togeter really well.Enjoy!

bianca91, Oct 3, 2:15am
I use crushed vege meal mates, 1-2 eggs depending on the amount of mince you are using and worchester sauce.Shape and then roll in a little seasoned flour.You do have to pat the excess flour off or it will go gloopy.