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kiwi.adventures, Mar 7, 9:36pm
Are they good for you? How many KJ or whatever does a can have would you say? Good source of energy? Are they low fat?

Ideas on serving them?

Plain toast with hot beans on top?

Quick lunch with cold beans in the middle on the run?

catlover28, Mar 7, 9:43pm
Yuck, cold beans! Anyway, Im not sure of there KJ thing but I like to dump a can in an oven proof dish, throw in some potato pom poms, put some grated cheese on top and heat till hot. yum.

fruitluva2, Mar 7, 9:47pm
Added to nachos with other beans is ok, but never cold, ick. Cold spaghetti sammies is nicer than that.

kiwi.adventures, Mar 7, 9:56pm
beans on their own what is their nutritonal value?

melford, Mar 7, 10:01pm
They have far too much salt, something like 260 mg per 100 ! ! ! ! serving so if you ate the whole can your salt intake would be enormous. Don't have them too often, other than that they have good nutritional value. All the information is on the side of the can.

zappi, Mar 7, 10:05pm
Food in a Minute cookbook 1 had a recipe where you put hash browns in a dish then poured a can of baked beans over the top then put chopped up bacon over and poured beaten eggs over the top with cheese sprinkled and baked till golden. Really yummy and nice fora brunch or with salad for a light tea.

snapit, Mar 7, 10:10pm
This Trademe recipe forum poster says For the nutritional value look at the information on the side as possibly different brands are slightly different.
They are a good source of fibre and proteinand carbohydrates, low fat. nutritional better than spagetti
They are nice hot or cold can be added to soups or casseroles, or add, capsicums, onions, bacon, sausages, add extra flavourings spices, chilli, herbs. Your imagination and taste buds will direct you
Have a nice day Trademe posters.

kiwi.adventures, Mar 8, 2:17am
any nutritionists out there?

accroul, Mar 8, 2:23am
Perhaps this will help you?

buzzy110, Mar 8, 3:58am
Suggest you heat up the biggest can of BBs you can find and serve them up over at least 6 weetbix. The jet propelled, malodorous air streaming from your derrier should not only clear the field of competitors but would provide an excellent, natural forward propulsion that would dramatically improve your running times. If you wanted you could sneakily set a match to it and let the 30 second rocket fired after burn boost your performance.

Your only problem would be learning how to stay upright at the speed you will be moving. lol

darlingmole, Mar 8, 4:02am
Sodium/Salt content ... just had a look in my cupboard

Oak Baked beans= 475mg per 100g beans
Watties Baked beans= 450mg per 100g beans
Pams (mild) Chili beans= 175mg per 100g beans

I guess the only thing this tells us is DON'T add salt?

My husband always adds a dollop of butter when cooking his beans.
And a friend always adds a pinch of curry powder.

I like my beans with a bit of grated cheese and the only place I want to see tinned spaghettie is on top of a kiwiana style pizza!

elliehen, Mar 8, 4:08am
In Texas a good chilli bean mix was said to be improved by the addition of a handful of good earth ;)

skippy33, Mar 8, 4:11am
oh yum that sounds nice. how many eggs do you pour over.

cottagerose, Mar 8, 7:47am
High in fibre I believe and non fattening

buzzy110, Mar 8, 9:59pm
Yes definitely non-fattening because as everyone knows only fat makes you fat. Everyone knows that sugar does not have any fattening effects whatsoever. Just continue to eat them with weetbix and you'll be the fastest runner in the bunch in no time flat. I suggest you also add Lion Red to your diet. Weetbix soaked in half a bottle of Lion red and then covered with a pre-heated can of BBs must surely be the All Blacks breakfast of choice.

Too bad they never win anymore. I wonder what they are doing wrong?

buzzy110, Mar 8, 10:05pm
I know what they are doing wrong. They aren't getting enough Fairy Bread. Well I'm glad I solved that problem.

Now what's next?

kiwi.adventures, Mar 8, 10:07pm
Hhaha crack up

indy95, Mar 8, 10:28pm
Kiwi. adventures, canned baked beans have a certain amount of nutritional value in the form of protein and fibre as well as carbohydrate but they also contain far too much salt and sugar.

If you take the trouble to make your own you will not believe the difference in flavour. There are plenty of recipes available on the net and some on this board too I think. You could find these by using the search box.

I hope this will be some help to you.

kiwi.adventures, Mar 8, 10:39pm
yea all I want to have them is just with toast for dinner every now and again, just half tin or less and 2 peices of toast. thats all

pixiegirl, Mar 9, 12:02am
lol buzzy - you trying to outrun my best ever roast chicken eh? ? ?

red2, Mar 9, 1:06am
go for it kiwi adventures - have them on some wholegrain toast .

elliehen, Mar 9, 1:24am
Yes, lots! But they're all busy working at their day jobs and wouldn't fall for your 'adventurous' parachute jumps into recipes with questions designed to stir the pot! Most have you now sussed ;)

buzzy110, Mar 9, 1:43am
pixie your Best Ever Roast Chicken is in a class of its own. I am planning to cook it this weekend after I turn my stove around so that the chicken doesn't have to ricochet off the walls on it's way to the table.

pixiegirl, Mar 9, 1:47am
buzzy dont forget the SCM. Also check out the cabbage soup diet recipe - that should give you a bit of a laugh as well.

vinee, Mar 9, 5:42am
Mother used to stir bran into her baked beans.
? ? ?

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