Baked Beans

sherylt, Aug 18, 7:40am
Anyone got a tried & true recipe? My partner often takes baked beans for his work lunch and the Home Brand ones we normally buy are now disgusting, having recently changed their recipe - nearly doubling the sugar content! Haven't been overly impressed with any of the other cheap brands so I'm looking at making my own, maybe in the slow cooker? Open to any ideas, thanks in advance.

motorbo, Aug 18, 7:53am
im trying to find the recipe i used. but cant . use navy beans, they are the baked bean, buy dried if you can and cook first - makes them even cheaper. if i find the recipe i shall post it

motorbo, Aug 18, 7:56am
this is close to what i did, but no bacon or pork,http://southernfood.about-

fifie, Aug 18, 8:14am
If u search at left recipes baked beans last year, last thread on page will give you recipes people make.

sherylt, Aug 18, 8:50am
Thanks for that motorbo, will have a good look tomorrow, and also search for past threads as suggested. :-)

uli, Aug 18, 9:44am
I got a recipe from an American boat once and the secret was molasses and ketchup.

Usually I cook a kilo of dried white beans (after soaking overnight) in my crock pot and then freeze in small portions.

When we have wwoofers the beans then make lovely soups or salads or "baked beans" :)

Try any of these recipes here and you might find a winner:

eljayv, Aug 18, 9:00pm
Open to any ideas, thanks in advance. [/quote]

whitehead., Aug 19, 4:33am
times two tastes wonderful

sherylt, Aug 19, 7:00am
Brilliant, thanks. Lots of ideas here to try.

joybells2, Dec 20, 1:58am
I use one from Gordon Ramsay and is really nice. Quick and easy to make if you have prepared the beans earlier. Google for it or if you want it and cant find it ,will post.

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