Have you tried baked beans , cheese and vegemite ?

snipper, Dec 6, 3:29am
Have you tried baked beans or spaghetti, cheese and Vegemite or Marmite ! cooked all togeather in a pot not nuked , have i been missing out on some thing for all these years , the Vegemite or Marmite added just adds something exotic hahaha .

Maybe i should keep it a secret Watties might steal the recipe and mass produce it and charge a fortune .

Looking at the supermarket shelves , Its the simple stuff that people struggle to even do these days in the kitchen .as they have everything you'l ever imagin in a can or jar .

mwood, Dec 6, 5:01am
Noooooooooo ! . . . *backs away from the thread*

snipper, Dec 6, 7:58am
Yeah it just sounds so wrong , should never go togeather , but strangly it works

snipper, Dec 6, 7:58am
Yeah it just sounds so wrong , should never go togeather , but strangely it works

medicina, Dec 6, 8:09am
Marmite and cheese on toast with some baked beans splashed on the side.My mother has been serving that for 30 years but now I have children of my own I tend towards baked beans on toast with grated cheese on top --there is no Marmite anymore anyway

elsielaurie1, Dec 6, 8:33am
My son loves vegemite and honey on toast.

daisyhill, Dec 6, 9:23am
Haven't tried this, but I love baked beans with onion (sauteed in the pan before the beans are chucked in) and Worcestershire sauce and topped with grated cheese. My husband adds sultanas and curry powder which revolts me but he says it's lovely.

maximus44, Dec 6, 7:24pm
My grandmother taught me to have marmite and honey together nearly 50 years ago.

olwen, Dec 6, 7:29pm
Some years ago Craigs made a curry bean in a tine with lima beans rather than haricot.I loved those

snipper, Dec 7, 1:56am
I think im going to have to try a few of the ideas that have poppped into the thread , anyone else got some different combintations !
Any food combinations that might be considered slightly left of field , but have become legendary .

roshu, Dec 7, 3:07am
Toast spread thickly with peanut butter then place sliced tomato with herb salt or ground pepper.

32oscar, Dec 7, 6:10am
I do toastie pies with vegemite on the bread, then baked beans and cheese. yum.Also I do (yes I have been told I have some weird combinations!) vegemite, cheese and either mashed potato or rice in toasties.Great way to use up the little leftover bits.

eastie3, Dec 7, 6:37am
Baked beans with grated cheese/egg stirred in and served on buttered toast was my husbands go-to recipe if he had to feed the kids. As they got older he would add some sweet chili sauce. Eventually they got to the stage where they mutinied and demanded more variety,but my eldest son now sometimes cooks this for his little boy who hoovers it up.

ETA: The addition to his base recipe when he agreed to the kids demands for something different was to spread the toast with vegemite.

linette1, Dec 7, 7:46am
Grate/finely chop.a bit of onion into spaghetti and add a few splashes of soya sauce.

daisyhill, Dec 7, 10:18am
Interesting! I must try this.

I love toast with peanut butter and sliced banana. If you only have time for a quick breakfast this will set you up for the day.

otterhound, Dec 7, 11:12pm
I used to toast vogels bread, spread with peanut butter, dollop baked beans on top, then cheese, then grill.Once done, pile coleslaw on top and call it dinner=)

medicina, Dec 7, 11:18pm
Toast + marmite then mashed potatoe then grated cheese popped under the grill.It's awesome, you will not believe how much nicer it is than it sounds!Also substitute tomatoe paste for the marmite for a change.

misskittydragon, Dec 7, 11:40pm
Baked beans, cheese and vegemite.A hint of herbs with soya sauce sometimes with a bit of mince.This has been a hit with not only my son but his friends to especially if I add my pasta sauce in the mix and spaghetti.

I like to follow it up with crunchy peanutbutter mixed in icecream with a touch of raspberry jam. yummy.

snipper, Dec 9, 8:31am
Wow there is a heap of interesting combinations coming through , keep them coming :)

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