Soup with baked beans?

bunny11, May 15, 6:54am
quite a few years ago, a soup made with baked beans, and i think, tomatoes, bacon, and corn (among other things) was published maybe in the woman's magazine, possibly the woman's weekly. it was a really good filling recipe and tasted far better than it sounds. if anyone can supply it for me i'd be most grateful.

bella95, May 15, 9:00am
I would have no problem eating that. Sounds good.
Googled, couldn't find the one you want but this sounds pretty good and might be a good starting point.

bunny11, May 15, 9:07pm
thanks for that bella!

jbsouthland, May 15, 9:59pm

slimgym, May 15, 10:52pm
could it have been chickpeas

karlymouse, May 15, 11:43pm
Agreed. tin of chickpeas without the nasty sickly tomato sauce in the baked beans and the other ingredients. sounds like a recipe from the1970s when people used stuff like that . there used to be one with meatballs put into canned tomato soup as well.

lythande1, Sep 22, 12:14pm
All that sugar in the tinned baked bans for a start. I'd just use normal cannellini beans or such.

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