Cooking Beef olives in the oven

calista, Feb 18, 5:20am
I bought some beef olives for tea tomorrow night.At what temp shold I cook them and for how long?Thanks to the helpful and knowledgeable people for their answers.

greerg, Feb 18, 5:45am
180oC for about an hour to an hour and a halfis my usual time whencooked in gravy.

lyma1, Feb 18, 9:06am
Cooked in Maggi Mushroompacket, sachetdried soup in place of gravy is tasty. Not the Cup of Soup one, the foil sachet .

nzhel, Feb 18, 11:10am
My mum always used to do them in a crockpot and used oxtail soup (Maggi) for the gravy. They used to be delicious! Not sure how long she cooked them for but I'd say at least say 4-5 hours perhaps. Someone else may know.

cgvl, Feb 18, 9:51pm
I make a gravy and add carrot to it and then just bake in oven moderate heat for about 1-1½hours. You can add mushrooms etc to it but as DH doesnt eat them I leave them out

calista, Feb 21, 11:40pm
Thanks everyone.
Beef olives now in the crockpot with oxtail soup.

Yes, I know according to the purists (and my own conscience) I should have done it from scratch, but I am not on top of things today and at least it 's better than takeaways.

charlieb2, Feb 21, 11:51pm
meh.... blow the purists.... Enjoy your dinner!

greerg, Feb 22, 4:45am
Isn't oxtail soup a staple?Hate it as a soup but always have it in the pantry for casseroles etc. and I hardly use any package stuff

uli, Feb 22, 9:10am
I brown them on all sides, then add a bit of red wine and simmer them until done - you could transfer them to the crockpot. Gravy makes itself really, especially if you fry some onions and carrots and celery with it. The soup will give it a completely different flavour than if you do it without. Depends what you like I guess.

maysept, Feb 24, 10:31pm
Richard Till in one of his books does some on the BBQ, going to give that a try!

uli, Feb 25, 12:12am
It needs to be a short fry type of meat then - not what is usually used - stewing meat. Otherwise you will be having one very very tough piece of BBQed leather :)

maysept, Feb 26, 3:40am
Yes, I wondered about that, and I guess you'd need warm stuffing or it wouldn't heat through in the short time it takes to cook the meat. Sounds good though!

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