Bread Improver - Where to buy?

sighkick, Feb 13, 2:06am
I have decided to give the Breville Breadmaker another go and my first 750gram loaf turned out small and dense, although edible.

Reading further I find that Bread Improvers are the answer to lighter and longer lasting bread - but where to buy it?

While the ingredients of improvers can vary largely depending on their use and the manufacturer, there are a few important ingredients found in all improvers:

* Ascorbic acid - used to strengthen the gluten
* Hydrochloride - gluten softening and clearing
* Sodium metabisulfate - gluten softening and clearing
* Ammonium chloride - food for yeast
* Phosphates - food for yeast
* Amylase - enzyme used to break down starch into simple sugars, thereby letting yeast ferment quickly
* Protease - enzyme used to improve extensibility of the dough

These ingredients are usually distributed in a soy flour filler, as the amounts of different ingredients can be as little as 120 mg per kg.

All I have so far is yeast (naturally) and tartaric acid.

Where to buy it?

sighkick, Feb 13, 2:14am
May have answered my own question by searching on the net.Foodlovers forum suggest Bin Inn - thankfully we have one left in town.

Another suggestion was to use gluten flour - will have to bear that in mind.

None of the major supermarkets stock this product.

prawn_whiskas, Feb 13, 2:15am
Just buy a jar of yeast for bread makers.. it has bread improver in it. Tasti and Edmonds sell it.. may be other brands as well.

robyn35, Feb 13, 2:44am
I just use surebake yeast, has the improver in it

kinna54, Feb 13, 2:53am
Note you have a breville breadmaker. Are you using the NZ supplement recipe book. . It wasn't included iwith my breadmaker when I bought it, and after many trial and errors(and complaints to Breville)I finally found out what was wrong.
Tip always keep surebakeyeast in the fridge. Use tepid to warm water.
French bread loaf is good, also `spiced loaf with dates and sultanas. Made it yesterday. magic!

kinna54, Feb 13, 2:54am
PS watch where you buy the surebake yeast from. Check useby dates!

lilyfield, Feb 13, 6:40am
surebake yeast belongs in the deep freeze- unless you have a real fast turn over.. use from frozen.

peter148, Apr 15, 12:19am
Put an egg in with your bread, it will improve and fortify the loaf