birthday party for my soon to be 10yr boy

teddy147, Mar 7, 2:35am
we live near the mountain, so its going to cold, weve got around 25 people coming, 5 extra boys plus family etc.
i really need some ideas as what to serve please.
so far we have choosen, pumkin soup and a sauage sizzle. sandwiches, homemade pizza's and chips dips cheese crackers and raw vegies. his friends will come at 3pm and adults at 5pm.

teddy147, Mar 7, 2:49am
anyone ?

ddd10, Mar 7, 2:58am
do an old school one with lamingtons & chocolate crackles. Lol.

sounds good but you need to add some sweet things as it's all savoury. people love chocolate so do some choccy cupcakes or biscuits or if you can't be bothered, buy some lollies or a few packets of chocolate fingers or farmbake cookies (as they come in those fairly large bags).

chrisynz, Mar 7, 3:49am
chicken nibbles or whole chicken shredded , also cheerios and tomato sauce,

teddy147, Mar 7, 4:06am
thankyou, he wants a carrot cake for a birthday cake with icecream and choc eclairs. will have a few lollies for them. just got to keep the cost down, the price of food is criminal

sweetie9, Mar 7, 4:23am

choc toffes
toffee apples

That is all i got sorryz

Happy birthday to your son and have a good day

andrea1978, Mar 7, 8:23am
I actually would like to make lamingtons for my daughter's 5th birthday, but how hard are they to make? I'm doing an old fashioned tea party so mini ones would be perfect :)

Does anyone have a great recipe for lamingtons? TIA :)

auntlb, Mar 7, 9:41am
There was one on here a while back that I tired and it was great - try searching Lamingtons on here and you might find it

auntlb, Mar 7, 9:44am
Edmonds Recipe
3 eggs, 1/8tsp salt, 125gr sugar, 25gr cornflour, 50gr flour, 1tsp b/powder. Beat egga a little with salt. Add sugar & beat until thick. Fold insifted flour, cornflour & b/powder. Bake 15-20 mins in greased & floured sponge roll tine @ 190.
Leave until next day & cut into squares, dip in choc icing then roll in coconut.
Choc icing; 2TBSPs butter, 2TBSPs cocoa, 6TBSPs boiling water, 350gr icing sugar, vanilla essence. Melt butter, add cocoa dissolved in boiling water. mix in icing sugar, add vanilla essence & beat well. Approx 225gr of coconut for coating.

Quotejessie981 (2 )11:08 pm, Sat 10 Oct #2

Just found this one

abbey_magick, Mar 7, 9:50am
Keep in mind, lunch is at midday, and they wont quite be at the stage of being the waste disposal units of their older counterparts, so masses of food may not be required.

kidscarer, Mar 7, 12:39pm
I just did a party and the most popular food was homemade meatballs which I served with pasta sauce and spring rolls... . mmmmmm

zappi, Mar 7, 9:26pm
Good old sausage rolls, Cocktail sausages, plenty of sauce, little quiches, spring rolls, sushi

snapit, Mar 7, 10:34pm
Another great thread from the Trademe Community Recipes forum. A great group of helpful friendly members happily sharing with the Trademe family and visitors. We invite you to join us here and not on the stack--- site these have been hijacked to. asp
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andrea1978, Oct 12, 12:50am
Thank you! Much appreciated :)

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