Rolled pavlova breaking

highfences, Feb 6, 4:03am
How can you prevent a rolled pavlova breaking as you roll it up?

gardie, Feb 6, 5:10am
Happens sometimes.Cover it with cream and you won't even know.

buzzy110, Feb 6, 6:18am
Are you rolling it the right way, from end to end, not side to side?

martine5, Feb 6, 6:58am
maybe it has something to do with the recipe, why don't you post it and that may shed some light on the situation

juliewn, Feb 7, 4:11pm
Hi.. are you leaving it to cool before rolling??

I found if I left the pavlova to cool before rolling, that it split - and find it works best to tip the pavlova onto a length of two pieces of paper-towel sprinkled liberally with coconut, remove the baking paper carefully, then roll up immediately and leave to cool.

Then, unroll gently, spread with fruit and whipped cream, then roll up again and place on a serving platter.

You can do this when rolling it from end to end to serve a few people - or from the sides to serve more..

I also sprinkle the top of the pavlova mix with coconut before putting it in the oven - it toasts to a lovely golden colour while baking, and looks great when serving..

gardie, Apr 1, 6:58pm
Nice to sprinkle over flaked almonds prior to baking too - looks very impressive when finished.