German bread- Where in or near Auckland

samsnan, Jan 22, 5:36am
Can I get some. Made from rye flour. I have a lovely german lady staying with us at the moment and she is very homesick for some real rye bread.

buzzy110, Jan 22, 5:47am
Paris to Berlin. Michaels Avenue, Ellerslie. All sorts of interesting breads there. Take your friend with you. She'll be wrapt. Not open Mondays and Tuesdays. It is in a small block of shops. You cannot miss the shops.

Also Zarbos in Newmarket. It is in another foodie type cafe/shop. It is a Deane Brettschneider shop but the Baker is German. He makes a pure rye, which I think is a bit hard and chewy, even for me but he has other breads that she would like.

buzzy110, Jan 22, 5:48am
I think Wild Wheat also does a rye loaf. Not keen on their sour doughs though. They go stale too rapidly for me. Paris to Berlin breads stay fresh for up to 5 days.

Edited to say - it is not in the ph book but I think Boulangerie l epi is and that is its old name.

samsnan, Jan 22, 5:57am
Thankyou so much buzzy she is salivating at the thought of a nice fresh piece of rye. We will take her up there tomorrow. She would also love a good german sausage from somewhere. Would Zarbo have that also?

visionspring, Jan 22, 6:01am
Diehl's bakery on the shore - Blackforest gourmet butchery in Albany -

Hope this helps! :)

buzzy110, Jan 22, 6:04am
Actually it probably would but I've only been there once. Zarbo is just the bread shop, and it is in another foodie shop. I think that Farro Fresh on Lunn Ave, which is just around the corner, in the great scheme of things, from Paris to Berlin, might be your best "go to" place for a decent German sausage.

Failing that there is a German Sausage shop in Albany. I cannot remember the name but it is in a new set of shops up that road with the old pub on the corner. Someone may be able to help you with that. The owner is German, as luck would have it.

buzzy110, Jan 22, 6:06am
Ha. I see visionspring has beaten me to it. Yes that is the shop I went to for lieberwurst - Black Forest Gourmet Butchery.

lilyfield, Jan 22, 6:30am
lieberwurst -lol at the spelling.

elliehen, Jan 22, 8:17am
It's hard not to smile at 'weinerschnitzel' in the supermarket brochures ;)

toadfish, Jan 22, 9:33am

I see you are in Manukau, Wild Wheat have a store in Howick now.

samsnan, Jan 23, 4:39am
Thank you so much!!! We found the Gourmet Butchery in Albany and got the LEBERWURST I missed for the last 6 month - they also have the rye bread but it was sold out! The Bakery "Paris to Berlin" did not have any bread because the baker man was sick. But I got a piece of real cheesecake. I tried it already and its goooood. We went to Farro Fresh and got a whole grain loaf not the real thing but next best.

Cheers and thanks again from me, the German lady

fastlanenz, Jan 28, 5:10am
Do try Diehl's bakery, authentic German, and they welcome the opportunity to talk in their native tongue.Delicious breads and pastries.

elliehen, Jan 28, 6:21am
Please, the German lady, have you got a favourite recipe for Black Forest Cake/Gateau that you can share?

samsnan, Jan 28, 9:26pm
Elliehen This young German lady stayed with us for a few days last week. We actually met in a laundry at a campground in Tauranga and me being me invited her and an English guy who was travelling around NZ with her to stay with us when they came back this way. She is such a lovely girl. At the moment they are somewhere up north. She is going back home around the end of May but we will be keeping in touch with over the next 3 months. She will stay with us again before she goes home. I will ask her about the recipe but I think she will get it from her nana back in Germany. I tried a little piece of the cheesecake she got but didnt like it much. And yes she did speak in german to the lady at the shop in Ellerslie.

elliehen, Jan 28, 10:34pm
Thanks samsnan, I liked the idea of getting an original from a real person on the spot, and I like the idea of the tried and true 'Nana' recipe too ;)

buzzy110, Mar 8, 6:45pm
I am sorry that the baker at Paris to Berlin was sick. Their breads are to die for. Still, now that your new friend knows where they are she'll be able to go back there when she returns to get some 'proper' bread.