Freezing herbs?

mitchb, Jan 18, 7:50pm
How do you freeze herbs like oregano and basil so you don't end up with one huge lump of frozen stuff?

frances1266, Jan 18, 8:19pm
I mix herbs with olive oil in a food processor and then freeze, Jan 18, 8:21pm
I chop them then stuff them into ice cube trays with a little water, freeze, wrap each in a bit of gladwrap and put into plastic bags.I'm not doing industrial quantities, mind.

pickles7, Jan 18, 8:26pm
why freeze them. Chop and dry.

mackenzie2, Jan 18, 9:30pm
I pick mine, then just put into freezer bag, after about 2 hrs I give them a scrunch to seperate so they don't freeze in a block, great for parsley & rosemary.

mitchb, Feb 10, 3:49pm
does drying or freezing best retain flavour and goodness?