Freezing plums. How to do this please

dunedinite68, Feb 6, 9:58pm
They are very ripe and full of juice. I have taking stones out. What is the bst way to prepare them for he freezer? Do I need to add lots of sugar or can I just cook them and then freeze once cooled>

cgvl, Feb 6, 10:18pm
I just cook and freeze no sugar needed.
Do put them in containers and label with amount ie weight and how much sugar you will need to add if you want them for jam.
I leave stones in if for jam and take out for the ones I intend to use for deserts etc.
1.5kg plums cooked fit nicely into ice cream containers.
marge containers or similar are a good sixe for deserts to feed up to 4 people.

dunedinite68, Feb 6, 10:21pm
Thanks very much. That's what I had in mind but have never done this before and didn't want to make a mistake.

245sam, Feb 6, 10:51pm
dunedinite68, plums also freeze really well just as is i.e. wash, leave whole (or I guess halve and stone if preferred although I have never done so) and put into bags so it really is a matter of choice as to whether you prefer to have them cooked and ready to use directly from the freezer or whether you prefer to choose how to use the previously frozen raw plums.:-))

bugin, Feb 6, 11:11pm
Why do you cook beFore freezing ? You can get a simple stoner (no dope here) that pushes the stones out ,then put in a zip-lock bag and freeze flat . We have done 20 kg of Red (Duffs) black (Doris) and yellow cherry plums (?) with no sugar ,and will eat them like that .We do make plum juice (mush) for iceblocks and the ruggies will eat 3 at a time .

raewyn64, Feb 7, 2:13am
up until this year I had a large plum tree.I would have to give plums away to neighbours, rest homes, food banks etc.The ones I kept I would rinse first to make sure they didn't have nay muck on them and then put them into freezer bags of about 1kg per bag.Then straight into the freezer.I wanted to stew them and put them in jars but this time of the year it is too hot :)
If I wanted some for a crumble etc I would just get a bag out, empty it into a large bowl, microwave for about 8 minutes from frozen and all ready.I would use my food stick to mush them a bit after the microwave if I wanted to.
Then in winter Itook out the bags I had left in the freezer, into my big preserving pot, heat them up until they had all thawed through and were bubbling and then bottle as usual.I never added sugar or anything to them - if you want sweetening I would suggest adding sugar to whatever you are going to make with them at that time.

dunedinite68, Apr 2, 6:14pm
Thank you everyone for your input, it's been very helpful:)