Chicken thighs

cheapass1, Jan 16, 11:00pm
wanting an easy recipe for dinner tonight please

margyr, Jan 16, 11:05pm
either crumb, or make up some soy sauce, honey, paprika, garlic and a little water to make a paste, dip chicken into mix and bake in oven at 170 till cooked.

margyr, Jan 16, 11:23pm
another thing i do with chicken peices is make up some seasoned flour, flour, salt and pepper, powdered garlic, chilli, paprika whatever powdered flavours you have, dip the chicken into water then into the flour, shake off excess and do again, you need to be quick. and then bake these in the oven same as I mentioned above. This is yummy.

cheapass1, Feb 6, 4:51pm
sounds lovely will try that