Peeling fresh eggs

mudguts2, Jan 13, 8:26am
does anyone know of an easy wat to pel fresh eggs cleanly.
they are hard boiled but some sticks to shell and want them for a nice lunch for nieces 21st.

uli, Jan 13, 8:39am
There is no way really - if I cannot keep them for a week at least - then I always break them into fried eggs, pancakes or omelettes.

Not worth the hassle to peel them.

If you are good at coddled eggs or poached eggs give them a go!

babyluthi, Jan 13, 8:40am
When they are cooked.. tip the hot water out and then throw them into cold water with lots of ice in it.Roll the eggs around to crack the shells all over while they are in there.Then leave them for a minute.I find this works for me.I used to get very frustrated with the problem you have until someone shared this with me:)Hope this helps.Maybe others have other suggestions too.

kermitnz1, Jan 13, 8:40am
Ummmm..... nup lol. We breed hens and sell trays of eggs and the only thing that 'can' sometimes work is soaking them in a pot of cold water with salt for a couple of hours at least. The brine gets absorbed by the egg shell and it can help to loosen the glue between the membrane and the egg. Oh I always use eggs that are at least 3-4 days old and even then they can be very difficult to peel.

kermitnz1, Jan 13, 8:44am
oh and yes as babyluthi says you can roll the eggs to crack the shells all over and then also soak them in the salt & water, that can help it work a bit better too.

mudguts2, Jan 13, 8:53am
have had eggs about a week.
have got them soaking but will see how i go with them tomorrow.
will try to crush the shells as you have said
thanks for the info.

might have to go in and buy some from the shop tomorrow,

seniorbones, Jan 13, 9:00am
I too get this and its frustrating!! doenst matter whether my eggs are two days old or a week, I have tried what babyluthi suggested and that doesnt seem towork for me anyway.

davidt4, Jan 13, 9:00am
That's exactly what I do.It helps but with really fresh eggs you still have to be very patient and careful.

lindylambchops1, Jan 13, 9:25am
I use that method well for me.I have chooks too so my eggs are usually fresh.

jessie981, Jan 13, 9:29am
As above I tip off hot water, cover with cold, leave then peel under cold running water. Never a problem.

ant_sonja, Jan 13, 7:21pm
We have chooks too and the same 'problem' with our eggs, even if they are a week or so old they still don't peel nicely - we don't mind but it can be annoying.

margyr, Jan 13, 8:00pm
sort of the same as has been suggested, except I drain put the lid on and shake around to crack the eggs then I put into the cold water, leave a minute or 2 and then peel. Husband rolls the egg on the bench and more often than not shell comes off in one big peice.

mudguts2, Jan 13, 9:29pm
the method of adding salt to eggs and leaving to soak is just about right i think.
the top ones were still hard to peel but got easier near the bottom.
with some i just ran a thin knife blade around the egg and is reasonably tidy.
thanks for the tips.

prawn_whiskas, Jan 13, 9:33pm
Tray rotation! I always have a tray thats around 1-1.5 weeks old before I even bother to try hard boiling them... and we go thru a tray (30) of hard boilies a week. Yum.

uli, Jan 14, 4:41am
As above - under 1 week old is not worth the bother of trying to peel them - Make them soft boiled eggs and use a spoon if you don't fancy omelettes or fried eggs ...

It is hard to have really fresh eggs isn't it? Maybe buy some really old ones from the supermarket just for boiled eggs you want to peel :)

jennyl11, Jan 14, 4:44am
how long do you boil them for? thats what i wonder if i'm not doing it long enough

dbab, Jan 14, 4:53am
Once you get started with the peeling, use a teaspoon to go around the rest of the egg.

beastie3, Jan 14, 6:08am
Gently tap the raw eggs to slightly crack the shell before adding them to cold water (to cover) and bring to the boil. If you think you've cracked some a bit too hard just add salt to the cooking water and that will prevent the whites from spreading everywhere. Hard boiled eggs take 9 mins then they need to be put under cold running waterimmediately to stop the cooking and prevent the grey overcooked colour. This is an old cafe trick that we use all the time without fail. Good Luck

dabo, Jan 14, 9:30am
Ohhh but how nice to know your eggs are so fresh. My last supermarket lot seemed very watery and don't fry or poach nicely at all

uli, Jan 14, 9:19pm
Well there is your answer: boil them! They will be easy to peel :)

elliehen, Jan 14, 9:21pm
Children at school used to crack their lunch hardboiled eggs on each other's heads - might be called assault with a weapon nowadays ;)

mkbooks, Feb 1, 4:47pm
After rolling them etc. peel under running cold water