Homemade lasagne toppers?

jc_cw, Dec 28, 11:36pm
anyone have a recipie?

kiwitrish, Dec 29, 1:11am
I would be interested in a recipe also.Hope you don't mind.

jerrytravis, Dec 29, 3:53am
i dunno exactly the method. but my sherlock holmes powers of deduction tells me that maybe its just an intensely seasoned mince and egg pattie coated in flour, then dipped in a cheesy, white sauce batter, then coated in breadcrumbs before hitting the fry pan. and cooked like a chicken kiev.

kate777, Dec 29, 7:09am
I'd make it with leftover lasagne that has been in the fridge overnight, it would be way easier to handle.

Cut it into squares then flour, egg and crumb it, pan fry until golden then bake until fully heated.

I can't remember exactly how toppers are but I seem to think they have mashed potato on the inside top layer?? So make your lasagne with potato on the top and pasta on the bottom for strength.

cottagerose, Dec 29, 8:49pm
I googled lasagna toppers and came up with nothing. My husband loves these so I will be keeping an eye on this thread

jc_cw, Dec 29, 9:20pm
yea the ones i bought last night were mince on the bottom and cheesey sauce on the top and rolled in breadcrumbs i think and fried..might be a trial and error type thing

olwen, Dec 29, 9:24pm
I'd be looking at adapting meat croquette recipes.Make the filling, let it cool and set, cut to size, then batter and crumb thoroughly.

margyr, Dec 29, 9:26pm
the breadcrumbing would be done a couple of times, cold lasagne cut into squares, dip in egg then into crumbs, chill and repeat a couple more times. then either shallow fry or just re-heat in oven,

nzl99, Dec 29, 9:26pm
Yep.... Make the lasagna with less layers than usual...ensuring you start and finish with a pasta layer... chill and cut into squares... then I'd be inclined to pop the squares into the freezer for 30 minutes or so.... flour, egg, crumb, egg, crumb... then chill well to "set" the coating...

guest, Jun 9, 6:20am
For LASAGNE TOPPERS see: www.tophat.com.au

tracey, May 10, 12:32am
I use to buy Lasagne Toppers in Coles some years ago, but not anymore. Why cant you buy Lasagne Toppers in Sydney anymore. I was in Queensland a month ago and they still sell them there and i must say they are as lovely as i remmember then to be.

guest, May 23, 3:10am
It's a ground meat layer then pasta and cheese mashed topping then through a batter then a crumb then batter again and another crumb, then quickly fried then quickly frozen.

ron_staudinger, Jul 5, 12:39am
Re Lasagna Toppers
I've been trying to find them in Syd.
They sell them at Campbells Cash N Carry at Northmead.
They are so delicious.
The cheesy layer is not potatoe, it's like chopped Mac n cheese.
They cost around $25 for 16. 2kg box.

ron_staudinger, Jul 5, 12:41am
Box of 16. Is around $25
Box is 2kg

guest, Apr 11, 11:13am
The last time I ate a lasagne topper, I crapped my pants about 15 minutes later. BE CAREFUL!

guest, Mar 1, 8:51am
Lasagna Toppers are made by Top Hat in Queensland and are very hard to get as they wont sell their frozen produce online

guest, Dec 1, 7:04pm
How to make lasagne toppers.
Make a spicy mince ( Dolmio sauce xtra spicy )
Mashed potato
Cheese sauce
Thin homemade pasta sheets ( no 6 on the pasta machine )
spread lasagne sheet with the cheese sauce. then a thin layer of potato into a small square , put mince on top also into a square . fold over the pasta sheet and flatten the pasta together. Cut close to the lasange and then gently push the sides to make it a nice tidy square. Then chill for an hour. Coat with flour egg and breadcrumbs. Deep fry until light in colour. Put in the oven until golden brown. Then the final stage is back in the deep fryier until a golden dark brown. Bon apetite. My kids and husband loves these.

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