What to serve with lasagne at dinner party

laidybug, Sep 25, 12:08am
is a light salad the way? thanx

buzzy110, Sep 25, 12:14am
Lasagne at a dinner party! Well for what it is worth, why not have an antipasta course before the main event followed by a beautiful green salad and then serve the lasagne on its own.

vintagekitty, Sep 25, 12:20am
Whenever we have lasagne, I make a green salad and have crusty warm bread or garlic bread. Easy peasy!, have a great night

fruitluva2, Sep 25, 12:23am
As Vintagekitty said.

lookin4adeal, Sep 25, 12:45am
I agree bread and salad is what I would do too.Enjoy!

smileeah, Sep 25, 12:52am
Yep that's what I serve with it. And also marinated chicken wings. Yummo! Mind you I make a vegetarian lasange so the chicken goes well with it. Maybe not so much with a meat lasagne.

cookessentials, Sep 25, 1:03am
Yes, I would go with a crispy green salad, with perhaps some different condiments on the side and fresh crusty bread or bread rolls.

elliehen, Sep 25, 5:48am
'Antipasta'?A Freudian slip??

griffo4, Sep 25, 8:14am
Thanks for the ideas l have friends coming tomorrow night for this meal and l was wondering what to serve with it and came on here and this thread was staring at me,lol
Thanks everyone l am going to use the silverbeet salad recipe posted on here the other day and make some bread rolls
l don't have any other salad greens in the garden at present

huntermac, Apr 18, 9:43am