Gluten free flour - rice flour ok?, Dec 19, 12:01am
I need an answer to this stat - think I might have made a blunder.My son-in-law is on a low gluten trial diet for 3 weeks, so I've made a gluten free xmas cake thing, just put it in the oven.

Bought rice flour at the supermarket at 10:30pm last night, the only gluten free flour I could find that said on the front it was suitable for baking.Is this ok?Or should I haul it out of the oven now, wash the dough off the expensive bits, remarinate a bit in brandy and buy something else?There is about half rice flour and half ground almonds in the mix.

(The dough tastes pretty uninspiring, I must say)

cgvl, Dec 19, 12:09am
yes if I remember rightly rice flour is gluten free.

cgvl, Dec 19, 12:13am
Annie yes rice is definitely gluten free, went and looked for my book with the info in it.
Have a list of several others as well. but your cake should be fine

uli, Dec 19, 12:13am
It is gluten free. However a "proper" gluten free recipe would have been better as rice flour and wheat flour behave quite differently. It will certainly be edible though :), Nov 13, 11:10am
Thanks everyone!I was worried that the cake would be horrible, since I've seen online and here that people seem to use blends of flours.I'll leave it in the oven, then.

Uli - yes, it is a gluten free recipe, so should be all right.Though I note it had no rising agent, but let's face it my usual fruit cake recipe has 2kg of fruit, 6 eggs and 1 tsp of baking powder, which is a pretty pointless amount for a large cake.

Thanks again everyone!