Staff morning tea, what to take in....

infinityjrc, Dec 18, 6:36am
Hi can anyone help with some recipes that would be nice for a staff morning tea, looking for some tasty items that do not require alot of heating up on the day as we only have a microwave.

noonesgirl, Dec 18, 7:07am
French bread cut medium slice, top with philidelphia cream salmon & topped with pkt salmon and/orbacon.

jazzzy, Dec 18, 7:17am
I did one last week and took
fruit mince pies
mallowpuff choc puds
bowls of strawberries and cherries

melindaroger, Dec 18, 7:28am
We have had morning teas for the last couple of weeks at work, everyone had a rostered day.Some of the things people brought were:Lemon tarts - buy small ready made pastry cases, put a teaspoon of lemon curd (out of a jar), then top with whipped cream.Chocolate dipped strawberries.Little christmas puddings - shape small pieces of christmas cake into truffle sized balls, drizzle melted white chocolate over, then little pieces of green and white cherries on top.Little pancakes with cream cheese and smoked salmon on top (can buy ready made pancakes at supermarket).Sausage rolls.Pinwheels - buy ready made sheets of flaky pastry, top with cheese and bacon, roll up, cut into slices and bake in oven.Most of these things can be done the night before, or with very little preparation in the morning.

fetish, Dec 18, 5:37pm
I'd suggest going savoury as everyone brings sweet stuff, and savoury will be gobbled up ! Try making easy gourmet sausage rolls, buy nice FRESH sausages remove the filling, and use premade sheet pastry to make them, the tegal chicken sausages work really good. Take in some chicken nibbles, home or bought marinaded, make little mini quiches in cup cake tins, sandwiches are another fave try BLT with some chutney or avocado, make mini pizzas, or any savoury dish you like that can be made mini.

lythande1, Dec 18, 6:52pm
All sweet huh. Some of us don't eat baking.

jody23, Dec 18, 10:19pm
asparagus rolls, they are always a big hit at our morning teas

buzzy110, Dec 18, 10:31pm

melissarosenz, Dec 19, 12:36am
Do a platter with grapes, strawberries, cheese and crackers (doesn't need heating!).And then maybe a plate of asparagus rolls.Or club sandwiches.

edlin, Dec 19, 1:32am
If most of the staff are men,club sandwiches vanish in a flash. Asparagus rolls are a bit retro but they are still popular. I make a Christmas cake for the people I work with but if you are not a baker just fill some eclairs with cream if you want something sweet and easy

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