What can I use for a jelly bag?

anne1955, Dec 17, 5:24am
I want to make some jelly but have nothing I can think of to strain it through..I am not near a shopping area and really need to make it soom have red and black currants going to waste.... any ideas what I might have that I can use???Was sort of thinking about a pillow case??Help please...thanks Anne

cookessentials, Dec 17, 5:30am
A pillow case or a new pair of pantyhose will do it.

cgvl, Dec 17, 5:30am
I use an old tea towel, or you could use a pillowcase. wash first though.
Otherwise if you have an old pair of pantihose?
All work well

dezzie, Dec 17, 5:30am
I've used pillow cases before today, or a big peice cut off a sheet thats getting a bit wrecked looking.

dezzie, Dec 17, 5:31am
lol wow, snappy answering on here tonight ;)

anne1955, Dec 17, 5:34am
Thanks people love ya all thanks for that thought along those lines..great your all so wonderful...tomorrows task on my B/D haha no love cooking so will be great thanks ALL Anne

holly-rocks, Dec 17, 5:36am
Ive used muslin cloth before with good results (:

terraalba, Dec 17, 5:40am
I make both red and black currant jelly most years. Muslin Cloth available at some fabric shops is good and also you can buy jelly bags at some shops. I use both depending on the quantity. I have also used very worn teatowels and pillow cases. The jelly bag I bought at Ballantynes and it came with a metal pole for hanging it.

shop-a-holic, Dec 17, 5:47am
I use coffee filters.

whitehead., Dec 17, 8:30am
you should use cotton. pillow slips work well .i have used for thirty years a cotton pillow slip that is over 60 years old for jelly ,its very stained but gets boiled every year and comes up well

elliehen, Nov 7, 4:48pm
I use a linen teatowel which has no lint left on it.

Another helpful hint from the old days is to turn a chair or stool with rungs upside down and tie the jellybag to the centre rung over the bowl, which sits on the underside of the chair/stool.