Anyone have a recipe for noms as apple crumble?

ardente, Mar 2, 9:29pm
I have the Edmonds one... but looking for a REALLY good one if poss!

pinx_jewelry, Mar 2, 10:26pm
mmm I would be interested in that too. It is my favourite dessert and yet I do not know how to make it lol.

vinee, Mar 2, 11:19pm
I saw this on the telly once.
He made up his crumble in the whiz and then took out handlfuls and squeezed it together then just broke it apart a bit over the top.
This gave a top like broken up shortbread rather than itsy bitsy crumbs.
So I do that now.
I also use stone ground flour, when I can get it.


1c wholemal flour
1/2c brown sugar
100g butter

Whiz up.

I like peach crumple best. coz you can open up a can, drain and your done. No peeling and slicing!

winnie231, Mar 2, 11:24pm
Use the search function on the left ... look for apple crumble & anytime ... there are several helpful threads.

crystalmoon, Sep 27, 9:48pm
I love to use different cereals, what ever in cupbooard, fresh n fruity, Muesli, whatever, 2 c , 1 c flour, 1 tsp of spices(ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, -
cardamon), 200grm melted butter add to gether if too wet add a few crushed wet bix, till nice and lumpy, sprinkle over fav fruit and bake, yummmmmm might make one for dinner. tinned apple and frozen berry's is nice and easy too.
Ground ginger in crumble is lovely with tin or fresh pears. Enjoy

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