Apple crumble with tinned apple

gnome25, Apr 8, 9:49pm
I have to cater for 26 at a camp and want an easy dessert (as don't want to spend hours in the kitchen during the weekend). I was wondering how it would go if I pre-prepared the crumble mix during the week and kept it in an airtight container.

Then on the night I thought perhaps I could use tinned apples, throw the crumble on the top and bake. Would it taste ok with tinned apples? Do they need sweetening. I know it would be cheaper to chop up and cook my own apples, but I don't want to take the time out to do this if I can help it.

Any advice on how this would go would be appreciated

Or -any other ideas of easily quickly made desserts or things I could make 3-4 days in advance would be appreciated.

neil_di, Apr 8, 10:00pm
I make my crumble mix in bulk and store in freezer(fridge would be fine for a few days). Have never used tinned apples but my Mum has and they are fine for what you need. Presumably they will be expecting nourishing food rather than a gourmet experience. you could also make apricot shortcake or why not keep it simple and get one of those big tins of fruit salad(this will bring the food police in! ! ! ) and just add banana, apple whatever at the last minute. . serve with ice cream/yoghurt. Gotta go now but will try and cast my memory back to school and church camp wkends for you. Cheers Di

buzzy110, Apr 8, 10:07pm
lol neil_di. I'm sure most of us have given up by now and couldn't care less if church groups want, or only have the budget, to turn their children into mobile rubbish bins. However, personally, I don't see a huge problem with tinned fruit salad on an occasional basis.

If you still wanted to do crumble why not add a tin of peaches, cut into chunks, as well, to the mix?

samsara11, Apr 8, 10:08pm
I must be lazy as I always use tinned apples now. I add a few cloves and sugar and it is just fine

mackenzie2, Apr 8, 11:52pm
I often use tinned apples esp when apples are expensive, It is never going to be as nice as fresh apples, but still not bad... I add cinnamon and sugar to mine

timturtle, Apr 9, 12:36am
You could do apple sponge and use bought triffle sponge on top of the tinned apples

korbo, Apr 9, 1:36am
use tinned apples when no fresh around.

raewyn64, Apr 9, 5:50am
I make the crumbles and freeze them all made up and then just heat them wehn needed. I use tinned apple and add some of my own plums for more flavour as I find the tinned apple don't have that much flavour.

lucas08, Apr 9, 7:52am
I make with canned apples, my father in law loves it.

52many, Apr 9, 8:20am
I make mine useing the tinned apples as a base. Then I peel and chop maybe 2/3 apples at the most. A sprinkle of mixed spice and crumble mix. Sometimes I add a tin of plums or any I have left from bottling last season. Nothing like crumble, I rekon! ! ! Mmmmmmm

52many, Apr 9, 8:37am
It would't be hard to add just a few more apples... . you are only feeding about 26, so half an apple per person is 13. I would do 15 and tinned the rest. Make up the crumble and freeze. A full ice-cream container, should cover it. Use an oven baking dish to do it in. Also rice pudding in an oven dish is good as well. No pre cooking anything... . Maybe do one of each? Then one extra large tin of fruit salad? ? ? ? And a few Jellies?

crystalmoon, Apr 9, 9:34am
Stir some frozen berries through the tin apple, really nice mix too. Yum I'm hungry for crumble now. Off to search cupboard for some tin fruit :)

cookessentials, Jan 15, 2:42am
Nothing wrong with tinned apples at all. I use them for a particular dessert I make, so dont feel guilty about it. They dont really need sweetening, just make the crumble topping and keep it in an airtight container and assemble and cook - easy, thats what you want after all.

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