daisy42, Dec 15, 12:07am
Hi, this isn't a recipe but i didn't know where to put this question.
Am thinking of buying a Sunbeam breadmaker from Briscoe's.Anyone have one, or can recommend the best brand?

ieltwin, Dec 15, 1:22am
george forman breadmaker. if you do buy a sunbeam get the bigger one. sanyo was the best its what we use but no longer available

bunny51, Dec 15, 1:31am
I have a sunbeam (ultimate baker or something, makes a huge loaf of bread) I only use it for dough but it is good, used to get a lot of use, not so much at the

ashanti, Dec 15, 1:58am
Have had a sunbeam, but was not happy with trying to get the loaf out- now have panasonic and it is so easy.

helenfs, Dec 15, 1:59am
We are on our second Panasonic & wouldn't have anything else!

porthills, Dec 15, 9:21am
These are consumers picks
1st Panasonic SD-257
2nd Sunbeam Quantum Smartbake BM7800
3rd Breville Ikon Bakers Oven BBM600

the 3rd I have just purchased off trade me, havent picked it up yet. Panasonic seems to be the most well known and popular for good breadmakers from what I've been reading.

porthills, Dec 15, 9:27am
Just have to say daisy - I love Paddington Station.

daisy42, Nov 10, 10:15am
thanks everyone, and thanks too Trudy!