chicken pinenut feta parcels

toeblister, Mar 2, 3:40am
Can anyone fill in the missing ingredients for my chicken filo parcels. I can't remember for the life of me what I used to put in them. Many thanks :)

245sam, Mar 2, 3:44am
toeblister, do any of these suggestions 'jog' your memory... . .
spinach/silverbeet? sun-dried tomatoes? ham? seasoning (probably you'd only need pepper because of the saltiness of the feta).

Hope that helps. :-))

unknowndisorder, Mar 2, 3:46am
I was thinking spinach, corn, carrot as possible other fillings

toeblister, Mar 2, 4:09am
245sam & unknowndisorder thank you both kindly. Spinach is certainly a missing ingredient ... ... ... but is it cream cheese, sour-cream or yoghurt the one to make the parcel moist. Cheers guys :)

martine5, Sep 22, 10:04pm
its the cream cheese

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