Spinach n feta pizza

jenben1, Mar 9, 12:17am
Making fresh pizzas tonight. Do you wilt the spinach first before cooking the pizza or not? Have made my tom sauce base and dough is proving am looking for topping ideas. Anyone have some homemade favourites I only have feta and Colby cheeses

jbsouthland, Mar 9, 12:24am
Yum sounds scrummy .
I loove the smoked chicken ,camembert cheese and cranberry sauce pizzas

mjhdeal, Mar 9, 4:25am
I've tried both ways, and find wilted better.

twelve12, Mar 9, 4:36am
I know it's not what you're asking for. but next time, if you don't want to go through the pizza dough hassle. this recipe is awesome!

We make it all the time now. So easy to throw together after work.

jenben1, Jan 7, 9:14am
Yep just chucked heaps on and next time will definitely wilt first. Tasted good but semi dehydrated most of the top leaves

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