Feta Cheese

sticky232, May 12, 6:01am
I didnt realise it is so salty .I tried a new recipe out and you crumbled feta over top andit was so salty couldnt hardly eat it

sarahb5, May 12, 6:05am
You can rinse off the salt and some brands are saltier than others - I don't really like salty foods but love feta - I buy Abella goat or buffalo feta

petal1955, May 12, 10:22am
I find the creamy feta not so salty I think its a Mainland one

sarahb5, May 12, 10:29am
But it doesn't have the taste or texture of feta

village.green, May 12, 11:23am
Even though I am half Greek and grew up eating the firm crumbly one I actually buy a creamy German brand that only costs $3.95 for 500g in a red carton. I also occasionally make my own. I think Zany Zeus makes excellent feta, however it is expensive. My mother buys Bulgarian tinned feta in brine and you just rinse before using.

sarahb5, May 12, 7:39pm
I buy goat, sheep or buffalo milk feta because they are lower in lactose and higher in flavour - therefore, I eat less and it doesn't upset my stomach

ruby19, May 12, 8:09pm
Village.green is the feta in a tin quite tall, and holds about a kilo? I used to buy one not sure of brand and it was lovely but cannot find anymore. It was really handy as it kept for a long time as it was stored in brine.

village.green, May 12, 8:49pm
Sorry I don't actually know what it looks like as my mum lives in UK however the one I buy here I don't have at the moment (German creamy in tetrapak).

valentino, May 13, 8:37am
Either make it myself or the Bulgarian selection from Khyber Foods 'n' spices in Auckland, unsure with Oamaru though, may need searching;

carriebradshaw, May 13, 8:58am
I love feta!Have tried quite a few brands but personally I like Dodoni feta best.

davidt4, Aug 4, 3:00am
I like Dodoni too, and Blue River is a good brand of sheep feta.

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