Spinach and Feta Muffin Help!!

missmack78, Jun 12, 11:21pm
I have a great recipe for these muffins but they have turned out a bit heavy in texture, any tips on how to make these nice and light like the cafes manage?

glenn-ellyn, Jun 13, 12:03am
I would like to know also

evorotorua, Jun 13, 3:45am
I don't know exactly why yours are heavy but one suggestion is... did you pre cook the spinach (or buy frozen) and did you get as much of the liquid out of the spinach as possible. Spinach holds on to a lot of liquid and you will need to get rid of it before putting it in the muffins.

geldof, Jun 13, 4:10am
Also, minimal mixing for muffins, to the point of still seeing a little flour.

missmack78, Jun 13, 4:55am
I did cook the spinach first but used the microwave to wilt it , the recipe called for using the liquid from the spinach combined with milk to make up to one cup for the mixing... . may that be an issue

missmack78, Jul 31, 2:09pm
is it okay to see a little flour before pouring into the tin?