Filo, chicken, feta and spinach...

stormbaby, Jul 6, 12:30pm
Ok, I have all the ingredients, who's got their fav recipe? I can't believe I have never made this.

julz29, Jul 6, 8:27pm
i like to put toasted pine nuts in the mixture mmmmm yum

rolznsp, Jul 6, 8:38pm
i use cream cheese spinach and chicken. I cook up some onion, crushed garlic and mushroom in a pan with some butter. sit that aside. Cook the chicken - once cooked i add in the cream cheese and frozen spinach (which i zapped in microwave for 3 mins prior) add in the onion, mushroom and garlic mix - stir it all up so blends in. Then spray each sheet of the pastry - i use 4 sheets per roll/parcel. fill the mix in to pastry, spray some cooking oil on tops of them and chuck in oven for 20-25 mins. mmmmmmm they are very yummy!

stormbaby, Jul 7, 11:29am
Yum, sounds wonderful, will do that tomorrow. Many thanks!

samboy, Oct 15, 7:11am
theres a nice recipe on the back of the Edmonds filo pastry box for something similar.