Feta Cheese Help Please

tommi2, Oct 23, 10:39pm
wanting a recipe that i can use feta cheese in please, not stuffed chicken breasts or pizza, had those this week, something diff thank you

maxwell.inc, Oct 23, 10:43pm

Pumpkin, feta, olive lasagna

tommi2, Oct 23, 10:58pm
thanks max, have decided to do a feta and bacon pasta

uli, Oct 23, 11:10pm
I eat it as is with anything:

Antipasto platter: feta, sausages, smoked chicken, tomatoes, boiled eggs, anchovies, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

Greek salad: tomato, cucumber, red onions or spring onions, olives, feta, drizzle with olive oil.

On bread: Tomato slices and feta with lettuce leaves

or cooked:
Stuffed in canneloni: feta, spinach, eggs

Lasagna: similar to above plus tomato sauce and melting cheese over the top if you like

Generally you can use it in any salad or replace cottage cheese or cream cheese with it in savoury dishes.

tommi2, Oct 23, 11:28pm
thanks uli, have not used feta much before so your ideas are great, now i know i can use it in quite a few things

tehenga288, Oct 24, 10:05am
I make this too - it's yummy. Try courgette & feta fritters or roast beetroot & feta salad.

dbab, Oct 24, 9:25pm
For nibbles, try this. We had them for lunch yesterday. A slice of telegraph cucumber, a slice of feta cheese, and a slice of tomato. Very moreish. You could no doubt add any herbs or spices, but they were very tasty as we sat outside enjoying the sun.

yogideb, Feb 7, 8:52am
Try using it in Cous Cous with other ingredients like fresh parsley, corn, olives, dried tomatos, diced peppers, beans etc.
Use approx 1 tbsp olive oil, juice of 1/2 lemon and sea salt to taste.

pam.delilah, Feb 7, 7:50pm
Savoury Muffins
Pre-heat oven to 200deg. C.
Lightly grease muffins tins( 6 large, 12 mini),
Mix together 2 eggs,
1/4 cup olive oil,
1/2 cup thick yoghurt,
Plus any one or more of the following 100g crumbled feta, 1/2 cup grated/or cubed cheese, ½ cup cottage cheese,
plus one chopped tomato,
one small chopped onion,
½ - ¾ cup, cooked chopped spinach. unfrozen or fresh (squeeze water out),
½ cup chopped bacon or ham,
stir lightly (don’t over stir) until combined with
1 1/2 cups plain flour, 1 ½ teaspoon of baking power, ½ teaspoon salt,
Spoon mixture into tins. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until puffed and lightly golden

dorothy_vdh, Feb 8, 12:27am
what is a good feta to buy. I have had salads with it in, particularly roast pumpkin and feta and it delicious.
BUT my problem is when ever I buy feta it is very sharp tasting.
What variety should I be buying that isn't strong/sharp/salty tasting? Thanks

vinee, Feb 8, 12:56am
I always get Buton d'or - but I check carefully i got the cow one not the icky goat one! and not the flavoured ones either.
I don't like the other brands, especially Kapiti.

But that's just me. .

pam.delilah, Feb 8, 12:58am
I buy Buton d'or , as well, as it is the only one I like

vinee, Feb 8, 12:58am
I like Feta and Spinach pie.
I don't have a 'proper' recipe.
I just mix up a block of feta and a tub of cottage cheese with enough spinach to look good, plus 2 or 3 eggs, cooked onion and nutmeg and pepper.
I bake it in filo or flakey pastry as a pie or make wee triangles/rolls etc.

davidt4, Feb 8, 5:22am
Feta will always be salty - that's part of its character. You may need to moderate the salt in the other components of your meal when you include feta.

Zany Zeus is excellent - the best NZ made feta I have eaten. The Australian Lemnosbrand is good too, but not as creamy.

3fatcats, Feb 8, 6:38am
having a blond moment now but I roast pumpkin(chopped) garlic whole fry bacon add feta strain as much water off cooked spinach and mix all together with pine nuts and place on that really thin pastry that you need at least 4 slices of and butter in between(sorry it has completely flown away) then wrap and use egg wash and put sesame seeds on top
cook till pastry is cooked YUMMY

3fatcats, Feb 8, 6:39am
filo pastry is the one sorry

smeedle, Jul 30, 6:12pm
silverbeet, bacon mushroom and feta omlette

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