Sourcing whole grains in Dunedin - any idea's

angelah1, Mar 2, 1:06am
Hi - I would like to make some multi grain bread as none of my kids will have wholemeal bread but have been unable to find where to get the grains in Dunedin. We have no Bin Inn anymore - does anyone have any idea's of where else I could try - none of the main supermarkets seem to have them. Thanks

sniper03, Mar 2, 1:21am
Hey! maybe try that place across from the casino, can't remember whats it called but i do know they are an organic store and do have that sort of thing

Just remembered its called Taste Nature and is on high street.

uglyduck1, Mar 2, 3:39am
Heath food shop?

southerngurl, Mar 2, 5:53am
try the health food shop across from the dcc carpark entrance on moray place. . i remember they have bins of seeds and stuff...

amazing_grace, Sep 23, 11:09am
Alexanders, they are in Dunedin and sell all grains, ryeflour etc in bulk.

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