What foods mean "Christmas' to you...

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byte317537, Nov 29, 4:58am
Hi guys... At the moment am trying to plan a Christmas community dinner for about 400 (not a typo!!! lol) people - but on a limited budget. So I need to get in the basics. What are the 3 MUST HAVE foods on your Christmas menu that make christmas special for you? For me... it's trifle, stuffing and pavlova...
Thanx for your feedback and hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday period.

jo2005, Nov 29, 5:03am
Stuffing, pumpkin pie, turkeycan't wait.

gardie, Nov 29, 5:07am
Ham & trifleYum - makes me want some now.

chrisynz, Nov 29, 5:12am
fresh fruit salad, is always nice..or buy catering tinsof fruit salad and add fresh fruit to it

Pavs, with whipped cream
christmas pudding and custard for those who dont like pav

ham or if on a budget

chicken..but then a large turkey goes along way

vintagekitty, Nov 29, 5:20am
ham, trifle, xmas pudding and pav

valentino, Nov 29, 5:50am
We did a Christmas dinner one year for huge lot (Soup Kitchen style) and a person donated some hams, went a very long way as these folks had never had such ham for a very long time and actually rather than be like guts's, they actually savoured the moment.
They also hads heaps of lovely homemade fresh bread and/or buns.

Just a passing thought and wondering what type of community are you working with.

Cheers and please - Hope everything goes GRAND !!!!

Editing to add that these folks also loved their fruits (especially strawberries) and ice cream, to them it was a real treat and another few made huge batches of varioius sweets.

byte317537, Nov 29, 7:38am
The community is more of area than type... Put on annually for those in the area that for various reasons have no one/or don't wish to spend Christmas with friends or family.

Thank you for your kind thoughts...

timetable, Nov 29, 8:03am
heaps of salad's, new spuds, peas and carrots, i agree fruit salad, 10kg tubs of ice cream are not too dear, pav's, christmas cake, chocolates, truffles...if able get your meat donated - chook's, ham, hoggett - that way all cooked ahead and can be plattered up and served cold...we do one on a smaller scale and ask the men to bring dessert and ladies a salad... we provide all the meat, spuds, peas and carrots, fruit punch, jellies, fruit salad, chips, dips and peanuts.if folk aren't able to contribute - no hass...all the best and have a wonderful time....

duckmoon, Nov 29, 8:09am
mince pies

neville26, Nov 29, 8:12am
Just an idea to make your shop bought pavlovas go further....slice them thru the middle to make two!! and then cover them in cream. Nobody will ever know!!

seniorbones, Nov 29, 8:26am
Glazed ham, fresh asparagus, christmas pud with brandy custard and whipped cream..I'm feeling the calories creeping on just thinking of it!!..and we always have Golden kumera glazed with maple syrup so I suppose I will have to do it this year too, and hopefully a gorgeous sunny day like we have had for the past week.

seniorbones, Nov 29, 8:27am
Shame you werent down here in wellington, cowells sell their 'seconds' pavs cheap at the bakery door.

byte317537, Nov 29, 9:26am
Wow.. tx alot. But it's not so much about cost - just fav top 3. From everybody's input I should be able to come up with at least 6 staples(2 meat, 2 veg (or salads), 2 dessert)) to build the rest of the menu around. so keep em coming and tx for taking the time!!!

byte317537, Nov 29, 9:28am
Really. I know some folk down there who may want to do me a favour...lol Tx for that tip.

feris04, Nov 29, 9:33am
Ham, Roast Lamb and Roast beef.

alebix, Nov 29, 9:41am
Ham or a roast of some sort

roast vege

xmas pud or xmas cake

byte317537, Nov 29, 8:18pm
great stuff guys... A few more and I think my mind will be made up.

goldgurl_design, Nov 29, 9:17pm
HAM without a doubt!!

Trifle - fur sure!! :)

tipsy_bl0nde, Nov 29, 9:23pm
glazed ham definitely i would have to say the best drink is champers and strawberries . only christmas does this happen for me :)

lizab, Nov 29, 10:17pm
3 must have foods that say Christmas personally for me are...

Brussel Sprouts (sorry but I'm British and I don't care how hot it is, after 15 yrs living in NZ I can't do Xmas without them!! lol)

Christmas Pudding & Brandy Sauce


smileeah, Nov 29, 10:30pm
Ham for sure



suzanna, Nov 29, 11:46pm
In reply to Seniorbones and Cowells pavs I phoned them and asked if they would deliver and they said yes! I got the trays of individual ones for my daughter's 21st, from memory they were 6 to a tray, and they delivered beautifully packed in boxes stacked and secured with that nylon webbed type of 'ribbon' to my door. Can't remember exactly how much but very cheap. Also froze some and they froze beautifully.What's more I just posted them a cheque which would have crossed in the mail as the pavs were delivered. I was totally impressed and grateful for their service and trust. Might be worth a phonecall to the Wgtn factory as I'm sure they deliver to supermarkets in your area so would deliver to you. I also did this with a salad company and was much cheaper than the supermarkets and vacuum packed so we only opened as needed and the rest had use by dates a month to six weeks out. When we picked them up they had put frozen bottles of water in as ice packs so all was kept well chilled. Great service. Good luck with your dinner.

byte317537, Nov 30, 12:19am
Thank you very much for that. Much appreciated.

andrea1978, Nov 30, 12:20am
Trifle, roast pork & ham with some kind of honey glaze.

4,5 & 6 - potato salad, palusami & seafood salad.

gardie, Nov 30, 5:12am
hahaha - I'm the same with swede - many people look at me sideways!