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jenna68, Dec 1, 1:09am
bumpin for another trader looking to use up weetbix :o)

jenna68, Dec 5, 6:59pm
and for another one must be those cards the kids are collecting lol, everyone needs weet bix using up :o)

jenna68, Dec 11, 5:31pm
w... w

bev00, Dec 18, 9:48am
for the surplus weetbix crumbs

fox_glove, Dec 25, 11:02am
bump for school hols

evenmore, Jan 1, 11:45am
*** keeping alive

evenmore, Jan 8, 10:09am
*** and again

jenna68, Jan 12, 4:43pm
bumping for angie :o)

jenna68, Jan 17, 8:39pm
bumping for .. sam.bon

evenmore, Jan 24, 10:28am
bump for back to school

jenna68, Jan 25, 5:27pm
up it goes .. :O)

valentino, Feb 11, 12:31am
Bumping in absence of others .

jenna68, Feb 16, 5:24pm
bumping for me cos SOMEONE in my family has left half a box of weetbix open so it is not nice for cereal, will bake with it instead!:o)

510, Feb 16, 5:45pm
Judith's Kids Museli Sophie Gray's recipes This recipe wasdeveloped for children who didn't want to eat conventional museli.
1. Preheat oven to 180 C
2. In lrg bowl combine6 cps rolled oats & 1/2 cp coconut.

3. melt 1/2 cp oil 1/2 cp honey & if you like molasses u can add 2 Tbl spns.
4. Toast in 2 or 3 batches in a roasting pan in oven for about 10 mins or when light brown.
5. Remove from oven add 1 cp dried fruit & 12 crushed weetbix.
6. Store in airtight container

510, Feb 16, 5:46pm
I haven't made the above recipe but iwas given a sophie gray book testerday & loved the look of this recipe.

jenna68, Feb 21, 8:31am
keepin alive :o)

jenna68, Feb 27, 7:19pm
zzz zzz

jenna68, Mar 1, 5:50pm
And another one .. :o)

alewis, Mar 1, 9:57pm
weetbix delux 1 tin condensed milk, 150 grams butter 1/2 cup brown sugar - melt all in microwave and stir, crush 8 weetbix, one cup flour, cup coconut, and anything else you fancy, put in deep dish and cook, this is a fairly wet mixture the texture needs to be wet so dont put too much dry in, bake at 180 for 25 or so mins, golden on the outside and chewy on the inside, you can either just dust with icing sugar or put choc icing on, sorry I dont measure anything but this is just yum but remember the mixture is quite gooey.

jenna68, Mar 4, 5:59pm
ooo oooo

fruitluva2, Mar 11, 7:51am
*** ~~~~~

rainrain1, Mar 12, 4:58am
6.45 a.m. get up and go to kitchen, notice cat scratching with one paw on ranch slider and meowing. Grab weetbix and break 1/4 off one piece, place in dish with warm water and milk. NOT trim milk.Put outside for cats breakfast.
NOTE:-Only then will cat shutup!!
PSA tiny handfull of science diet as well makes cat last till 4pm:-)

suie1, Mar 12, 7:21am
Use Weetbix instead of cornflakes in Afghans makes a nice soft texture.

jenna68, Mar 17, 5:59pm
last page mm

jenna68, Mar 21, 7:56pm
pp... ppp

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