Easy bread recipe

carla8, Nov 24, 7:14pm
Hi there - I would love a recipe for bread that is easy and can be used with various flours ie white, wholemeal, spelt etc.Does anyone out there have one? Looking forward to any suggestions!Thanks!

uli, Nov 24, 9:46pm
... so you want the egg laying, ridable, milkable wooly sow?

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Love your user name :)

fisher, Nov 26, 12:08am
Ciabatta..makes 4 loaves..
6.5 Cups All purpose Flour (can use 1-2 cups wholemeal)
3 cups Warm water
1.5 tbsp Yeast
1.5 tbsp Salt
Place all in "big" plastic tub and mix well. Cover and place in warm spot for 3-4 hours and then into fridge. Following day, using floured hands, remove and place into smaller sealable container which will keep fine in fridge for 2 weeks.
For a loaf, prepare a slide with smeared olive oil and a sprinkling of corn meal. Using some flour, pull/cut off a 1/4 portion..
Don't handle too much but stretch out the base for about a minute, form into loaf shape and place on the prepared tray.. Cut a shallow cross across the top, sprinkle of flour and into oven..35mins - 210c
Tap the top to see if it sounds hollow..
I have made one with whizzed up sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and fresh rosemary.. mixed through the flour before adding the warm water...Lovely with lots of butter..

suzanna, Sep 5, 3:59pm
oooohh Fisher good recipe. What can I use instead of cornmeal on the tray that wont burn. I want to make this today but miles from any shops. Cheers