svx1, Nov 22, 12:23am
Started on my mission yesterday of making rose petal jelly firstI picked my roses and of course had my hubby cutting all the bitter white ends of the roses there were(2litres) hundreds maybe even a thousand...lol lol he did such a good job..Completed the cooking today and the jelly is the best I have ever tasted if you love turkish delight you will love this the smell is throughout the whole kitchen this truly is a food of the gods...lol lol I have tried a few recipes with little success but this one is great the secret is certainly having the deep coloured heavily perfumed ones I planted alot of rugosas they are expectional in flavour and fragance well worth having these in your garden(i have the deep cereise colour) I also made rose champayne and it its just so beautiful too.I hope this cheers someone up today and inspires others to make this great jelly!!If you would like the recipe it is so simple let me know.cheers

buzzy110, Nov 22, 12:54am
Well I'm impressed svx1. I almost wish I devoted more time in my garden to roses. Sadly they are a lost cause in the hot, humid, not cold enough environment that is Auckland unless you are very handy with all the sprays required to counteract the weather.

svx1, Nov 22, 2:04am
Thanks buzzy I have actually done nothing to my roses to busy and they have just grown like wild fire....making another lot of jelly tonite!!cheers

racheee, Nov 22, 7:47am
Well done, that is very impressive!Sounds delish!

lindylambchops1, Nov 22, 8:43am
SVX1 I would love your rose jelly recipe please.I am an avid rose gardener.Just planted another 10 roses over the weekend.Have lost count of how many I have now.Look forward to your recipe.Thanks!

vintagekitty, Nov 22, 8:48am
Did your rose jelly come out pink?, it sounds fab, love the idea of rose bubbly as well

svx1, Nov 22, 10:57am
Hi lindylambchops that is such a cute name ...here is the site JOANNA'S FOOD: family cooking, from scratch, every day just google and it will bring her recipe for rose petal jelly.What type of rose have you planted? Your place must be stunning with your roses!!
Hi Vintagekitty my jelly is deep wine colour much deeper than the flowers themselves it has to do with the lemon juice apparently but mine was dark anyway because of the type of roses I have it makes a huge difference.Next week I will be able to crack open a bottle of rose champers its a beautiful taste quite delicate and aromatic....I hope it inspires you guys to plant rugosas as they are hardy and grow extremely well and they have the rose hips I hope I have enough hips this year to do rosehip syrup yummy.....

lindylambchops1, Nov 23, 1:00am
Tyvm svx1

lindylambchops1, Nov 23, 1:03am

svx1, Aug 29, 6:17pm
Its great isnt it took me ages searching the net to find a very good jelly recipe as I have made quitefew with liitle success and heaps of pectin later....lol lol