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lynnea1, Nov 20, 3:06am
Do you put the biscuit mixture up the sides of the tin or just the bottom!

sylvia1, Nov 20, 4:24am
The texture is similar to a cheescake mix, but not as rich and I didn't put thebase up the sides. Also I forgot to mention it serves 12.

buzzy110, Nov 20, 5:15am
Lol. I personally don't see the lack of fat as a benefit but it certainly looks like a wonderful cake. In fact one could even make it without the base and serve it up in scoops, like a sort of ice cream, for fat phobes or those who have dairy intolerance. It looks like a very adaptable cake and one that I have already saved to my own recipe file.

liamjosh, Nov 20, 6:06am
Mmmmm, looks delish, her book is also on my wishlist for christmas. i think I may have to start leaving that list lying around.

lizab, Nov 22, 1:03am
sounds and looks excellent! I've printed off the recipe and will make as soon as I've got some strawberries. Thx for sharing the recipe with us.

kate113, Nov 23, 7:16am
I've made this, its in the freezer! how soon do you serve after taking out of the freezer! thanks

poohbearfan3, Nov 25, 9:10pm
Anyone know how long it needs to be out of the freezer before serving!I'm thinking of making it over the weekend and using it Wednesday night, so leaving it in the freezer until Wednesday, but when would I need to take it back out again!

geldof, Nov 28, 12:05am
I just made this. Makes a huge amount!I put a few drops of rose water in mine.yum.

Going to try peach and passionfruit next time.

agree with previous poster who said it would be nice as a scooped 'ice cream'

motorbo, Nov 28, 12:28am
that looks fabulous!

cgvl, Nov 28, 12:31am
it looked form what she made last night that it maybe similar to a marshmellow texture . would I be correct in that assumption or is it more like very light whipped cream . texture wise!.

It did look nice though.

tigra, Nov 28, 12:40am
I liked the look of her Chocolate Ganache but I think it should have some liqueur in it as well .maybe a little Kahlua!

kulkkulbelle, Nov 28, 5:47pm
I'm thinking of doing this for Xmas day

_serendipity_, Nov 28, 7:59pm
That's how I got my copy - bargain! - I'm sure they made a mistake with the points as it retails at $59.99.

hyborn, Nov 29, 7:08pm
do you know weight of strawberries if you used the frozen berries! looked so yummy

poohbearfan3, Nov 29, 8:22pm
I made this last night, it makes a heap!Looks very nice though.I think it's quite sweet, next time I wouldn't put in as much sugar.

alimick, Nov 29, 9:07pm
OH COOL Thank you people!I had 287 points, just enough for my new book. Exciting!

guest, Nov 4, 1:08am
Biscuit base freezes too hard .I made the mousse part only and served it in parfait glasses with crushed amaretto biscuits on top and sliced strawberries.

guest, Jan 11, 6:00am
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guest, Jan 11, 9:06am
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guest, Jan 13, 12:51pm
I think Annabel Langbein is fabulous and deesrves full acknowledgement! Her cookbooks make me want to hop on the next flight to NZ I've never been but I have been pushing for a family holiday to NZ!

guest, Jan 13, 1:52pm
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