Cola jelly.. anyone know what shops still have it

dn_filly, Nov 19, 8:12am
i cant find it anywhere.. do they still make it??
i make a lot of jelly shots for partys and i want to try cola ones again, but cant find any..

friends have suggested trying gellitine (sp) and putting it in coke...and letting it set..might work..??

245sam, Nov 19, 8:21am
here you are dn_filly.....

"How to Make Coca-Cola Jelly / Coca-Cola Jelly Recipe


1 cup of sugar
1 liter of Coca-Cola
2 tablespoons of edible gelatine

1. Boil the Coca-Cola and add sugar (except for a little Coca-Cola that you keep aside in a small bowl).

2. Let the Coca-Cola and sugar mixture cool.

3. Put the small bowl of Coca-Cola (that you kept aside) in the microwave for 1 minute and then mix the gelatine into it.

4. Add the Coca-Cola and gelatine mix to the Coca-Cola and sugar mixture. Put it in the refrigerator and wait for two hours.

5. Enjoy! :-)"

Hope that helps.:-))

chrisynz, Nov 19, 9:50am
countdown here have it,,,,

dn_filly, Aug 18, 11:52pm
cheers :-) will give it a try.