Whole chicken in crockpot

tats63, Feb 28, 1:16am
Hi - just wondering how long any of you cook a whole chicken in the crockpot for and whether or low or high? Everytime I do it I over cook the chicken which becomes quite dry and completely falls apart. tia.

ttwisty, Feb 28, 1:28am
i usually wrap my chicken in tinfoil so it won't dry out and cook on low for 6-8hrs. The chicken is always moist

rosielee3, Feb 28, 2:51am
Fantastic tip - i will try this next time. do you think it would work for a rolled beef roast too?

cottagerose, Feb 28, 4:18am
Yes it should work for roast as I do the same with topside roast

matuq, Feb 28, 4:28am
Would you believe that it's never ever occurred to me to wrap a chicken in tin foil in the crock pot. And my complaint too has always been that's it's always ended up being dry and falling apart and I always wish I'd never done it in the first place! So I'll be trying the tin foil trick soon. Thx for the hint.

evorotorua, Feb 28, 4:48am
I just bought a slow cooker and have cooked two chickens in it so far. I didn't know for the first one that you didn't need water and I cooked it for 7 hours! I ended up with good chicken and a lovely broth so that was fine. I could really only use the meat for pie but thats OK. I will try the foil next time. I love the fact that I could cook the chook from frozen. A real bonus in the winter I am sure.

bellaclare, Feb 28, 8:08am
soooooooo no water needed? ? ? ? wow i thought the crockpot would blow up ... i will give it a go. . Thanks

loafer1, Feb 28, 9:09am
Thanks so much for the tin foil tip.

didi34, Feb 28, 8:11pm

kirsten5, Feb 28, 8:16pm
I coat mine with soya sauce, honey and garlic then cook on low for about 6 hours... . tender, juicy, yummy... ...

cottagerose, Feb 28, 8:42pm
I just read a medical book that said NEVER cook chickens from frozen. Something about salmonella/food poisoning. Just thought Id mention it but others may think differently.

red2, Feb 28, 9:31pm
I squeeze a whole lemon over the chook and then use the rinds as stuffing - I find the moisture from this enough to prevent the chicken drying out ( I also wash the chicken well before placing it in the crockpot ) .

biker_69, Feb 28, 11:49pm
No, you're right. You should always thaw chicken and pork beore cooking.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 1, 5:16am
Thanks for this tip of crocking with foil.
I've just done some duck legs and they're great.

robyn1313, Mar 1, 5:20am
I also add a bit of water and then sit it up a little on something (usually an upside down saucer) to keep it out of the fat.

y_u_norty_sofie?, Mar 1, 6:45am
Hey Sofie why are you being Naughty Stealing recipes from trademe recipes, can you not get your lazy butt into gear and start being Honest!!!

jamjars05, Mar 1, 6:52am
we always put an upturned saucer in the bottom to keep the chook off the direct heat of the pot.

tats63, Mar 1, 7:07am
Great thanks everyone. . got a few ideas for next time now ta.

jaybee6, Mar 1, 9:15am
I use an oven bag in mine all the time and the meat is beautiful and moist. No cleaning the crock after either.

melford, Mar 1, 10:36am
Yes you are right, never cook a chicken from frozen UNLESS it is the Tegel Brand one that states on the wrapper that it can be safely cooked from frozen. It is more expensive (about $15)but very handy to have one in the freezer in case you need a chicken for dinner and haven't already thawed one out.

janny3, Mar 1, 11:14am
Thanks Jaybee... I like the no cleaning! How long do you cook for and low or hi?

danchop, Jun 28, 1:46am
do you guys put the veges(potatoes, kumera, pumpkin)-
in with the crockpoted chicken?

geeandtee2, Sep 12, 2:04am
We just want to thank every one on here for there great idea's. . We had never cooked a chicken like this be for and we going to try it tomorrow. . Great Idea's one and all. .