Ok making chicken soup out of a whole chicken

bengals, Jun 15, 2:33am
do ya reckon it is better to make the stock by just slow cocking the whole chicken OR to roast the chicken take the meat off and tehn boil the carcass for the stock?

tut30, Jun 15, 2:50am
I like to boil whole chicken - I use my crockpot. Then the flesh very moist to be used in a variety of ways. I like to take off the fat and skin first.

griffo4, Jun 15, 2:54am
lf you want to make chicken stock what else would you put in with it for flavour or do you just use chicken?

beebs, Jun 15, 3:00am
i would slow cook the chicken (or roast), remove flesh and then roast the bones/carcus and boil that up for extra flavouring... ... ... ... ... ... .

griffo4, Jun 15, 3:05am
thanks beebs l also just found the thread on making stock after posting here

245sam, Jun 15, 3:11am
bengals, are you planning on using a chicken and not a pot-roaster/boiling fowl?
If you're using a chicken then I suggest that you choose whether you want a meal of roast chicken then use what's left, including any skin, fat, bones, for making the stock; otherwise as suggested above slow-cook the whole chicken with onion, carrot, celery, etc. and herbs of choice then you should have well-flavoured stock and cooked chicken to either use for soup or for a meal of some kind.
If you're using a pot roaster/boiling fowl don't roast it - it will be dry and tough - just slowcook the whole bird with the vegetables and herbs. :-))

bengals, Jun 15, 3:33am
245 using a chicken - I want the meat off it for the soup as well.
thanks for the help all

fisher, Jun 15, 5:59am
Bengals... roast the chicken and have a meal from it... then using the leftover carcass and meat do this...
Chicken Soup:...
Remove any cooked chicken meat from the carcasses and set aside... Take carcasses and cover with water in large stock pot. .
Add 1 tsp of salt, 1 onion, chopped, 1 tsp of crushed peppercorns, 5 garlic cloves crushed and bring to boil and simmer for 30 mins... To the pot, now add the leaves of 4 celery stalks, the peelings of 4 carrots and a small swede, and grab any outers from cabbage or whatever veges you have in your fridge. . nice time for a fridge clean out. . Add 2 bay leaves and let this simmer 15 -20 mins more. . This is going to make your base stock. . Strain this into a large saucepan, clean the stockpot and return the stock and add a pkt of Kings chicken soup mix. (discard the peelings and bones) Stir, cover and simmer for 30 mins... While this is happening, chop up your carrots into chunky pieces, chop up your celery stalks and chop 2 large potatoes and a small swede chopped into 2 cm squares. Add a sprinkle of salt, white pepper and a chicken oxo cube and cover and cook until vegetables just tender. . Remove 1/4 of the vegetables and place back in your saucepan... Using a stick blender and a little soup juice, mash these vegetables to make a thick consistency and add back into the stockpot to thicken the soup... Stir, Do a further taste test and season as required. Break up the chicken into smaller pieces if needed, add to the pot for the last 5-10 mins of simmering. . This ensures the chicken is not overcooked and remains tender... Magnificent served with real fresh bread and lashings of butter or those soup rolls you can buy from the supermarket and put into the oven...

rainrain1, Jun 15, 7:29am
Put the whole chicken in the soup pot and add all your normal veges, split peas etc. Cook and enjoy the lovely big chunks of chicken in your soup... even better the next day :-)

stormbaby, Aug 9, 6:43am
Fisher has beaten me to it! !
Many years ago I used to buy the old boiling fowls and use them in the crockpot. Nowadays I find the 2 for $18 cooked chooks from the supermarket really good, and cheap! I turn my crockpot on (empty) before I leave home and pop the chicken or chickens in there when I get home to keep hot for dinner. That night we have roast chicken. I take all the remaining chicken meat off the bone and refrigerate. I usually make my famous chicken/mushroom/bacon and cream casserole the next night and still have enough left over chicken for soup and sandwiches.
For the stock, I return the picked carcasses to the crockpot, add a chopped onion, a couple of carrots, celery, black pepper, salt and boiling water and put on high overnight. Next day strain and refrigerate the stock. Before using the stock or freezing into smaller containers, I always skim the solidified fat off the top. Great for the dogs, especially in the winter.
For chicken soup, heat stock, put in crockpot. Add all the veges you have, finely chopped, however many you like, or just a couple. I use broccerli, spring onions, carrot, leeks (small amount)peppers to name a few. Add a good couple of cups of chopped up cooked chicken as well. Adjust the seasoning (black pepper, and I use roast garlic salt from the Riccarton market, its yum). Mum used to add a sachet of chicken noodle soup for extra flavour, but I find it a little salty. You can also add noodles or vermacelli (sp).

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