Chicken soup recipes please!

budbus, Mar 13, 8:00pm
Any good, quick Chicken soup recipes please, I have already boiled the carcasse, but what to do now is the question! !

timetable, Mar 13, 8:03pm
would love to help but this will only end up over on 'stackofrecipes' web site and so sorry but won't as it will only 'help' someone who is stealing recipes... . can i suggest that you try jamie olivers web site and nigella lawsons web sites - they both have lovely easy recipes to follow... . all the best...

budbus, Mar 13, 8:52pm
Ok, thanks for that

skyblue26, Mar 13, 10:08pm
Here's a recipe, just omit or substitute the cultural items. aspx

budbus, Oct 28, 4:50pm
Thank you, have checked it out and will try it, cheers!

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