chicken soup, from chicken frames.

hunnyb1, Mar 2, 10:53pm
i have bag of chicken frames in the freezer, how would i go about making chicken soup out of them?

hunnyb1, Mar 3, 2:50am
someone must know. .

mamabiff, Mar 3, 2:56am
Do you have a crock pot?

mamabiff, Mar 3, 3:06am
I would make stock first by putting the frames in the crock pot and filling with water.

Add any herbs, veg bits, snap a carrot and wham it in, chop an onion in half and stick that in, garlic if you have it, peppercorns and fill it to the top with water.

Cook all day on low.

Strain and if you have some decent cooked chicken bits from the

frames keep those aside.

Put the liquid in the fridge and in the morning skim any fat from the top.

When you are ready for your soup-cook a chopped onion/garlic in you put and pour in your stock.

Add any vegetables you want in there.

Add half a cup of small macaroni if you like 20mins before dish up or so. And add your cooked chicken you had put aside!

A tablespoon or two of rolled oats and grate a small spud in at the end to thicken it up.

So good for you! Hope that helps.

valentino, Mar 3, 3:34am
˙˙˙˙ʍouʞ oʇ sʞooɔ sǝdıɔǝɹ ǝɯ ǝpɐɹʇ ɹoɟ ǝuo pooƃ 'ƃuıuǝʞɔıɥʇ ɹoɟ oʇɐʇod puɐ sʇɐo ƃuısn uı ƃuıʇsǝɹǝʇuı

hunnyb1, Mar 3, 3:50am
yes i do... and thanks for the recipe. .

bedazzledjewels, Mar 3, 3:58am
Lol Valentino! ! !

valentino, Mar 3, 5:00am
But have a look at that post at that other place, one way of around it... . LOL (big time).

darlingmole, Mar 3, 9:24am
what ? I don't get it?

darlingmole, Sep 27, 3:54am
oh wait ~yes I do now (gee I'm getting a bit dull around the edges! )

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