Frozen whole chicken and chicken pieces

jan2242, Sep 19, 2:32am
Has anyone noticed that both Pams and now Tegels tastes and smells like they have chemicals in them? I can smell it when cooking. Once cooked, the taste is overwhelming. Was only Pams at first but the last Tegels was 'off' as well. I'm wondering if it is the plastic packing that has done this? Has put me right off chicken at the moment. Has anyone else noticed this at all?

rainrain1, Sep 19, 4:01am
No, not at all. love my chicken!

lythande1, Sep 19, 4:57am

jan2242, Sep 19, 5:40am
LOL - nope not paranoia. I can eat the chickens from anywhere else, like the cheap ones at the butchers (not organic), and Inghams (that's our total range here). Think I will write and ask if they are using a new packaging for them.

blueviking, Sep 19, 7:40pm
It's the added Koran.

kaddiew, Sep 19, 9:40pm
No issues here,.

fxx99, Sep 19, 10:38pm
What do you expect ? Really, just think how many chickens the factory pumps out in a day. It has gotta have chemicals in it.

smallwoods, Sep 19, 10:51pm
YES, you are right 100%.

TAKE it out of the plastic bag.

rainrain1, Sep 20, 5:20am

sherrydog, Sep 23, 7:59am
Buy my chicken from an organic shop. Never have noticed any smell and I know the animals have been free range and, hopefully, had some life before being killed. The shop carries the SPCA tick.

smallwoods, Dec 22, 5:02pm
Do "Pams" or "Tegal" sell them there?

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