Cooking a whole chicken in a pot

motorbo, Jul 10, 9:40am
so im moving soon and cleaned the oven, so dont wanna use it, i dont have a slow cooker or an electric fry pan, but i do have a big pot, rather than just boil, any good ideas?

vegas7, Jul 10, 9:43am
Cut it up into pieces and make a casserole in the pot

motorbo, Jul 10, 9:45am
good idea, now to find a good recipe! ! ! got any in mind?

vegas7, Jul 10, 9:48am
Add Onion, Bacon, garlic, mushrooms and some chicken stock. Just remember to brown off the chicken and veg first. Make a roux and add the stock or thicken at the end. Easy as.

vegas7, Jul 10, 9:49am
Opps forgot to tell you a few herbs go nice with it as well.

motorbo, Jul 10, 9:59am
coq a vin!

245sam, Jul 10, 10:03am
motorbro, there's a very very easy and delicious option for you on the following link:-

motorbo, Oct 15, 10:00pm
thanks sam! !

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