Slow cooker/Crock pot whole chicken help

dolphin9, Jul 4, 6:11am
Have recently prchased a slow cooker and have had 3 unsuccesful attempts at cooking a whole chicken, dry every time. Each time i cooked a sz 18 tegal chicken on low. First time cooked 8 hrs, 2nd time 8hrs in oven bag in slow cooker, 3rd time 6hrs breast down. if you've succesfully cooked a moist chicken could you let me know what size, how long and what you did. Thanks

sherralynne, Jul 4, 6:28am
Gosh, we've cooked whole chickens on numerous occasions and it's never been dry. One of our Crockpot/Slow Cooker bibles is Joan Bishop's Slow Cooker/Crockpot recipe books and she specifically mentions cooking whole chickens. Our suggestion is to buy this book. Slow cookers do cook faster than crockpots! Good luck and sorry that you haven't had success so far

ttwisty, Jul 4, 6:51am
i wrap my chicken in tin foil as this keeps it moist while cooking. I usually leave it to cook for 8 hrs.

newflover, Jul 4, 8:15am
Oh my, just stick it in crockpot with a lemon up it's bum. I just do a family size on high for 3 hours. I never cook chicken in mine on low, ever, as it dries it. I don't add anything else at all, always lovely and moist and tender and scrummy! ! !

fifie, Sep 28, 5:11pm
As others have said the newer slowcookers cook hotter and quicker. #1 I would cook smaller chooks a shorter time, if your home try putting it on a bit later cook on high then turn it down a bit later, larger ones a bit longer. Personally i find putting a upturned saucer or plate on the bottom of your cooker bowl keeps it of the bottom of your cooker, it dosent get to hot and dry out helps, Alison holst does this, have you tried her paprika chicken with the oil rub its nice and moist. From Simon and Alison Holst. Turn cooker on to high to heat, Rub whole chicken with oil. Mixtogether 1Tblsp curry powder, 1Tblsp paprika, 1Tblsp flour, 1teasp oregano, 1teasp thyme, 1teasp celery salt. Rub this all the over chicken. Put any fresh herbs in cavity. Put chook in the cooker on a up turned saucer, breast side up and Cook 3 hours on high then 2 - 3 hours on low. Make a gravy (in a pot on the stove) out of the juices, and you should have a nice moist chicken.