Breadmaker question please

verrans, Nov 16, 8:43pm
The bread maker machines, can you use traditional bread recipes in them as they are, or will they not work in a breadmaker machine?

kiwifidget, Nov 16, 11:19pm
I believe any normal bread recipe should work, the machine just does the kneading and then the baking. The bit you have to worry about is the amount of ingredients for the size of the breadmaker, and the length of time required to cook the loaf.

verrans, Nov 16, 11:22pm
Thanks :), was thinking about getting one, but think it may be nice to use old traditional recipes

zneto, Nov 17, 12:15am
The maximum flour in a bread maker is usually about three std cups.So you could adjust any recipe based on three cups.e.g. If the recipe says 6 cups then you halve everything for a bread maker.

verrans, Nov 17, 5:41am
thanks zneto, thats very helpful

unknowndisorder, Nov 17, 6:54am
You don't have to cook the bread in the breadmaker. You can make the dough and then cook it in whatever shape you like in the oven. You will, however, still need to watch out for the quantities.
With my tefal, a dough takes 1-1/2 hour to mix, then leave to stand for half an hour and then cook it.

stormbaby, Nov 17, 7:17am
I will actually disagree, the proportionf of the recipes in a breadmaker are a bit different.If you want to make ordinary recipes in the breadmaker, just use the dough setting for the breadmaker, that way the breadmaker will do the hard work, the mixing, kneading and leave it to rise.You also need to be very careful to put your incredients into the container in exactly the same order as your breadmaker recipes, this is important to how the dough, or the bread turns out. Its usually the water or milk, then the flour or any other dry ingredients, then the yeast last.

I used to make bread by hand and have adapted a few recipes, but find the breadmakers ones best for the breadmakers, and the others best for home made bread.I often make breadrolls and just use the dough setting, leaving the dough in there till its well risen, removing it, making the rolls and then leaving them covered on greased trays to rise again. I also use my breadmaker for making pizza dough and my Dutch Oliballen dough.

verrans, Nov 19, 7:07am
Thanks, appreciate the comments.

harbourgal, Nov 20, 6:27am
Stormbaby - would you be willing to share the Oliballen dough recipe that you use in your breadmaker... my Oma used to make this for us as kids and would love an easy recipe!!TIA

stormbaby, Nov 20, 10:46am
Ta fanpire, found it!Yeah sure harbourgal, I can dig it out as my Mum passed away in March and I have all her beloved recipe books here.Will post it up for you tomorrow night. Easy recipe, bit sloppy. Mum liked to deep fry hers in cheffade (vegetable shortening) which is easy to get from the supermarket or Mad Butcher.I do mine outside as I hate the smell of deep frying. They are so yummy I usually tell friends when I am making them and double and triple the batch so I have plenty to give away. Now if I could just get some darned whitebait!!

stormbaby, Nov 21, 7:56am
Ok, here's the recipe for olieballen, if using the breadmaker, you need to put the ingredients into it in the exact order:
450ml milk, 500gr flour, 1 1/2tsp salt, 3tsp breadmaker yeast, 100gr currants, 100gr sultanas, 3 or 4 granny smith cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into small pieces.
Set breadmaker to dough.Leave after breadmaker dough cycle finished, for dough to rise, at least double the size.Heat hot fat, my Mum always usd Cheffade but I prefer oil, drop spoonfuls in till they puff out and are golden.Drain on paper towels or napkins. You can keep them warm in a dish in the oven, or cool and reheat later.We usually keep them in a covered dish in the fridge and heat in oven later. Serve with icing sugar. Yum.

stormbaby, Aug 23, 10:04am
Olieballen by hand:
500gr flour, 450ml milk, 25 gr dried yeast, 1 1/2tsp salt, 100gr currants,100gr sultanas, 3 or 4 granny smith cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into pieces.
Heat milk till just lukewarm, sprinkle yeast over top. Place damp towel over top and set in a warm place till the yeast "bubbles". Stir in flour, salt, currents, sultanas and apple. Leave dough to rise, at least double in size.
Heat oil or fat, drop spoonfuls in till golden as above.