have found a couple of recipes on here for homemad

jennyl11, Feb 27, 11:29pm
homemade pasta sauce with tomaotes has anyone got some that include tomatoes and say capsicum and/or eggplant? ?

fifie, Feb 28, 7:00am
This is my version i make every year for the freezer, when i have heaps of tomatoes sometimes i add chopped capsicum to it if i have them when making it, i just put 1 clove of garlic in it. Ripe tomatoes, salt/pepper, 2 cloves garlic crushed, 1 onion chopped, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, fresh chopped herbs, or parsley. For a richer sauce i add a tin of tomato puree.

Skin tomatoes chop to 1/4s and put in pot. Pre fry onion and garlic add to pot with tomato paste seasonings, add puree if using and simmer till tomatoes are cooked but still little chunky bits there. Cool Add freshly chopped herbs or parsley. Put into ziplock bags and freeze.
For the quickest meal cook pasta, drain add a bag of this sauce heat through serve with crusty warm bread or small salad. . Sadly it won't be happening this year as the tomatoes haven't ripened with the lack of sunshine here lol...

krazy_kat, Feb 28, 9:43am
Has anyone made it to bottle? Could you just make it and store in steralised jars and it would keep?

spot20, Feb 28, 7:27pm
My friend bottles her pasta sauce with the spag included! She reckons its better than watties!

darlingmole, Feb 28, 7:47pm
Yes I bottle it. Heat clean jars and lids in the oven at 150 deg C for 15 mins then pour hot (but not boiling) tomato mixture into it, screw lid on tight and it should *pop* after a few minutes ... I help by prodding lid down sometimes

lythande1, Sep 15, 1:48pm
Just amend it.

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