Danish recipes to make for a 21st party please :-)

juliewn, Jan 29, 8:34am
Hi.. I'm looking for Danish recipes that I can make to include as part of the dinner I'm doing for my Daughter's 21st in April..

I'll be making everything, so her 21st Party meal is an accumulation of her favourite goodies that I've made at various times throughout her life.. and in addition, I'd like to surprise her and include some Danish foods..

I've had a look online and haven't found anything that inspires me.. and with the many people with Danish ancestry across New Zealand, hope someone has a recipe they're happy to share that I could make for her.

I'd like to include one main dish recipe.. which could be anything except one of the jellied type recipes. Anything with vegetables is fine too..

I'm making her birthday cake, and will serve that as part of dessert, with some of her favourite goodies - marshmallow shortcake, chocolate lamingtons, apple tarts, etc..

I'd like to add another that's Danish, that can be part of a finger-food dessert..

I have some baking recipes, thank-you Jean (Snapit) :-).. which includes a recipe for Danish Pastries.. and will make those for breakfast that morning, using berries we've picked and frozen recently.

If there are Danish recipes for nibbles for before dinner, that would be great too please..

The dinner is for 55 people so I'm looking for recipes to be part of the meal for that number of people.

Thanks for help and suggestions.. :-)

crails, Jan 29, 11:04pm

1 lb hamburger1/2 kg
use reg hamburger or 1/2 pork and 1/2 lean hamburger
or 1/2 veal and 1/2lean pork
1/2 cup flour
1 onion very finely chopped
1 tsp italian seasoning
2 eggs
milk - about 3/4 cup

Mix first 4 ingredients well. Add eggs and mix. Add enough milk to make soft mixture.
Melt solid parkay margarine in frying pan, about 1/8 cup. Wait til bubbly. Spoon small desert spoons of meat mix into hot fat. Decrease heat a bit. When brown on one side turn over and brown other side. Make brown gravy and and serve with potoatoes and veggies.

Hi Julie growing up we had Frikadella all the time always made with a half mix of pork and veal mince with creamy mashed potatoes and brown gravy and cucumber salad. Crumbed Beef Schnitzel cooked in butter really important that its fried in butter not oil it's a taste and texture thing. Bottled Red Cabbage was cooked in Ribena.Homemade chicken liver pate' on Vogels. Herrings, Roll Mops, Caviar

juliewn, Jan 30, 11:58am
Thanks Crails.. I think she would enjoy the Frikadella.. and I didn't realise that crumbed schnitzel cooked like that was from Denmark - it's one of our most favourite meals.. and definitely cooked in butter!

I pickle red cabbage in hot spiced vinegar - is that like the bottled red cabbage you've mentioned?Thanks again..

Are there any other recipes anyone can recommend.. thanks for help..

duckmoon, Jan 30, 11:14pm
pickled raindeer???

Sorry, don't know what is typically danish

juliewn, Mar 31, 11:05am
Bumping, in case there are other recipes.. thanks..