Can you freeze cream

pats3, Feb 27, 9:14am
Bought some cream tonight as friends coming for lunch tomorrow but now they can't make it.

Was just wondering if I can freeze it.


ash60, Feb 27, 9:16am
I freeze cream all the time in small amounts and use it for pasta sauce etc. Some people freeze milk and its ok, makes great milkshakes.

pats3, Feb 27, 10:46am
Thank you.

ropes2, Feb 27, 12:03pm
yeah i buy bulk full cream milk and dairy from a mates farm and freeze it, I'm also really particular about dairy and can taste slights in quality quickly - freezing it makes no difference to the taste, just thaw it at room temp.

jimminette, Feb 27, 5:24pm
Now if you mix it with some beaten egg whites, caster sugar and vanilla it freezes really well and then you can scoop some out and put it on yummy warm fruit pie. lol

korbo, Feb 27, 6:23pm
wish i read this yesterday. had a 600ml of cream in freezer, let it thaw out and it was quite thickish. wasnt sure, if it was ok, so tipped it out.
guess it would have been ok. should have kept it and made scones this morning. oh well, thank goodness for this thread, i learn something new each day.

wilson16, Feb 27, 9:27pm
It freezes really well when it is whipped. Then it just thins down when you add it to warm dishes that you are cooking.

maximus44, Feb 28, 6:51am
Made ice cream today from frozen cream - absolutely fine - whipped beautifully.

heather230755, Feb 28, 7:14am
Mum and Dad would bring the lovely NZ cream to Aus when they came for holidays. Mum froze it and wrapped it well and it was totally fine when it got there. Just whipped it up and whallah! Taste of home. Not that plastic stuff they call cream. Also use frozen cream for the Butter Chicken etc. Perfectly fine to use frozen cream.

brouser3, Feb 28, 9:35am
Yes it freezes fine - but check how long for because it still goes 'off' if left to long.

duckmoon, Mar 1, 8:57am
I have four bottles in the freezer - purchased too much for a function - I keep looking at them, not sure what to do ... But will use them in scones... YUM

hairchopper1, Sep 21, 10:56am
I put a few tubs of sour cream in the freezer, thaw at room temp, it looked kirdled so i chucked it out, then my friend who is a cheif said it was fine & some things seperate when frozen, it just needed to be mixed well. just thought id add that to the thread