Cheesecake experts HELP!!!!

jellabie, Nov 8, 10:28pm
I am making a chocolate truffle cheesecake and in my haste I accidentally poured some of the melted butter for the base into the chocolate I had processed in the blender.I poured out what I could.

my question is: will it still be okay to add to the creamcheese?not sure if the fat from the butter will spoil the outcome of the cream mixture?

this is a baked cheesecake recipe here:

harrislucinda, Nov 8, 10:34pm
should,ntdoifonly abitleftasyou can addbuttertocreamcheesecould makeitsmoothermay beotherscanhelpaswellifyouhavealreadygoneaheadwithit

crystalmoon, Nov 8, 11:17pm
Should be fine,maybe a bit richer.Goodluck,sounds lovely.

gardie, Nov 9, 6:43am
This sounds delicious - would love the recipe if you want to share it - link no longer works.Even did a search in allrecipes to no avail.

jaybee321, Jul 23, 10:56pm