CRAB APPLES - what to do?

courtney2004, Feb 27, 6:59am
What recipes/ideas do people have for Crab Apples got 10kg to use.

beaker59, Feb 27, 7:06am
Crab apple jelly, my Mum used to make it, very very nice. Quite a process if I remember rightly, google it.

korbo, Feb 27, 6:27pm
yes, crab apple jelly, tho one year, i did put a few in a pot with some apples, and stewed them. they were actually quite nice, tho u had to watch the stones... . when making jelly, i do a few jars while it is red, and then put in some green food colouring, just to have a change of colourl.

kiwisapper, Feb 28, 3:10am
Crab apple wine... ... ... ... . We make about 60 litres a year, a nice dry white.

timetable, Feb 28, 3:59am
crab apple jelly - rear and hard to find and the best there ever was made! !
cover 4lb crab apples with 2 pints water, in a large pot. bring to the boil and boil to pulp. then put into a jelly bag/old net curtain/muslin whatever will work well for draining the liquid out of the apples and drain overnight catching the juice in a bucket.
the bring to the boil and cook till jelly set : 1lb of sugar to every 1 pint of juice. then pot into steralised hot jars and seal. yum! !

opawa21, Feb 28, 7:42am
Can I ask a stupid question - How do u know the crab apples are ripe I have red and yellow trees.

noelinevc, Feb 28, 9:37am
Check the colour of the pips, brown outside = ripe, white = unripe

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