Breadmaker near death HELP!

magenta, Nov 6, 9:06pm
I have a Sunbeam breadmaker and the pan and mixing paddle are combined in one unit and are now falling to pieces. Has anyone been able to source a new pan?The rest of the unit is fine and I really do not want to join the throw away society and just consign it to the skip. I have emailed Sunbeam but no reply as yet (it only happened yesterday)

bunny51, Nov 7, 12:50am
I got a new pan from Harvey norman. I went in and they ordered me one then rang me when it had arrived and I went and picked it up. (Think it took about a week or so for it to arrive)

lizab, Nov 7, 12:58am
I had to get a new pan for my breadmaker maybe a year ago and was horrified at paying around $100!!!! It's only a breadmaker that I got with my fly buys points too!!!!! I do use it every single day tho, so bought the new pan.

magenta, Nov 7, 5:58am
Thanks people. I'll get onto it on Monday. I am missing it already: no bread rolls with dinner!

orcawhale, Nov 7, 7:28am
we inherited a breadmaker with 2 pans. but already have a george foreman

lilyfield, Nov 7, 7:51am
you can buy a perfectly good breadmaker for 100 $. Not worth replacing the pan .

bunny51, Nov 7, 9:27am
Depends on the breadmaker you have. My breadmaker cost more than $100 (Possibly double then some ) and my breadpan didn'[t cost that much.

orcawhale, Nov 7, 10:05am
if you end up going for a new one? get a george foreman. shop round and they are cheaper at lv martins

pickles7, Nov 7, 8:31pm
buy a new one.
the belt may go next . when do you stop.

febes1, Nov 7, 10:39pm
lol my very first BM cost about $400+..I got one the other day at Kmart for $29!!!! It works fine tho the recipe book leaves a lot to be desired lol..everything is in back to front order that I have been taught (ie yeast Last fluids First as opposed to my NZ one which was the other way around)&it has about 2 pages of recipes.

I just rang my dd in NZ who has adopted my old one & got her to give me the favourite ones out of that book (cinnamon buns & foccacia bread dough being the main ones I use)

The new whanau love having fresh foccacia bread with pasta & I've even made Banana bread much to the delight of the younger SD who would eat it everyday if she could!

orcawhale, Nov 7, 10:54pm
wow febes1. you would never get one here in nz at kmart for 29

korbo, Nov 7, 11:14pm
please could we have the recipe for banana bread, febes. thanks.

febes1, Jul 20, 4:50pm
Here it is from the banana bread thread!

It's huge over this side of the ditch!.. every cafe has banana bread for sale I had never heard of it before moving here.
My SD would eat it 24/7 if possible.
It is really like a 'heavy bread cut very thickly & toasted usually.
My breadmaker has a recipe for it
200ml water
1 egg
2/3 bananas
2Tbs butter or oil
3/4 tsp salt
1/5 C milk powder
1/5 C sugar
2 1/2 C flour
1 tsp yeast

cut the bananas into peices & add after the other ingredients then select 'sweet' menu & start.
Add the butter 10mins after the knead process begins to produe a better loaf.

It's not bad..(I prefer cake myself) I'd use ripe bananas (but not AS ripe as in cakes) & the more the better it really does have the big hunks of banana thru it as opposed to spread thru like a banana cake or even a loaf has.

You do slice it like a loaf of bread & toasting it is rather yummy!