Those little cheese cakes

fekim, Feb 27, 3:49am
with pastry on bottom, rasperry jam in the middle, and sponge on top. Can't google a recipe cause "normal" cheesecake recipes come up. Any-one have a recipe. Just made bacon & egg pie, and have lots of pastry left over.

bigjules1, Feb 27, 3:51am
They are called 'bakewell tarts'. I don't have a recipe but you could google that.

raewyn64, Feb 27, 4:13am
excuse imperial measurements - this is my mum's recipe

4oz flaky pastry
4oz butter
4oz sugar
2 eggs
5oz flour
1 tsp baking powder
raspberry jam

cream butter and sugar and eggs
Add to flour and baking powder

roll out pastry and line 21 - 24 patty pans.
Put 1tsp jam in bottom of each then a large spoonful of cake mixture on top. Place small piece of pastry on top for decoration.
Bake 20 mins 200oC.

vinee, Feb 27, 4:15am
Edmonds to the rescue!
(they call them cheese cakes but I know them as bakewell tarts too. )

200g flakey pastry
3 Tablespoons raspberry jam, approx.
125g butter
1/2c sugar
1c flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs beaten

roll out pastry to 2mm thick and cut out rounds using a 7cm scone cutter - line patty tins.
place 1/2t jam in each.
cream butter and sugar. add sifted flour and baking powder alternatly with eggs. stir to mix.
drop large spoonfuls onto each pastry case.
bake at 200 degC for 15-20 mins or until cooked
makes 20.
deliver to Vinee's house straight away.

vinee, Feb 27, 4:16am
Doh, Raewyn can type faster than me!

fekim, Feb 27, 5:25am
thems the ones. ta thank you very much. Would love to share... ... . but I'm a guts lol

grannypam, Feb 27, 5:26am
those were my late Nanas specialty . .

and that brings back memories. .

jubellsrose, Sep 12, 11:53pm
my MIL made the bestest and so dose her daughter. Yum drops hints to SIL.

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